PLEASE Need HELP next to my dog formerly she chews her leg rotten?

My dog is 4 and a black lab. Our dog started chewing on her leg and made a bald patch. After a day she chewed i so bad it be bleeding. After that we put cream on it and wrapped it up but she managed to get the wrap off and chew a latest spot, making it 2 bloody spots. so again we wrapped it up and tried putting things on the bandage she wouldn't like to lick off approaching, soap, shampoo, hot sauce, perfume, baking soda, deoudorant. It didn't seem to matter. She eventually got to it again and ate the wrapping and now has chewed a 3rd spot. We are wondering what to do now? what wouldn't she lick of the covering? We are looking for any advice we can get.

we do not see the need for a vet YET and are trying to avoid the cone because will not munch through or drink or do anything with it on.

p. she does it all at night
rather hot sauce should stop it, and it can stop the itch by replacing it with .
I would suggest that she does need a trip to the vet. It's not normal for a dog to chew themselves to the point of smooth on top spots.

You don't need to worry so much as to what won't make her chew bad a bandage but why, exactly, she needs bandaging contained by the first place. Is it parasites, allergies, a bad habit, something else entirely? These are question which need to be addressed by a veterinarian.
She could have a skin condition there or she may have be bittin by a spider or other bug if i were you i would defently take her to a vet until that time it gets infected.
Her skin may be irritated and itchy. If this occurs again, you may hold to contact a vet and possibly get a cone. I wouldn't consider putting anything on the bandage other than what you hold already put on it, because something may cause her to be sick. But she may have some type of rash, or something which is cause her to do that. So just you may have to contact a vet
Yeah, you DO need a vet.
Has she got fleas? Something within her diet? What type of cleaning products do you use? She may be well be allergic to alot of things you don't know of, which could be causing this. Keep an eye on her.

I would also recommend to taking her to vets.
get a muzzle and put it on her at dark she can still breath and drink. but take it off in the morning.
Yes she does stipulation a vet, because it could be allergies , fungus, or something else that needs medical treatment. Using soap , perfume , and what ever else you used, could be making the situation worst.
Seems like your dog have a medical problem; you are trying to address the symptom (itch) but not the reason for the problem; and you are trying to avoid having your animal treated as he should be (vet). And, you're asking for help? Under these circumstances and within all seriousness, I would surrender your animal to a shelter and seek counseling.

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...(a) Good Luck PLEASE TAKE HER
I would first get her a pill called capstar (for fleas, it will kill that right away) to fashion sure she doesn't have flea. Second I don't know what kind of food you are feed her, but she could be having a allergic reaction. If you buy your dog food in a grocery store, stir to a pet store and get a better dog food like Innova. Either way you hold to get her to stop chewing herself. If you don't like the cone get one of the other product resembling a neck blow up brace to stop her chewing.

But I would for sure get her to a vet!
Vet and cone. Skin irritations such as this can become chronic and cause alot of problems. Not something to be ignored.
I think you inevitability to see your vet to find out WHY she is licking and chewing her leg. She could have an allergy to something in her environment, to her food, anything. One of my pitties has such discouraging allergies that she needs injections to desensitize her. She's allergic to dozens of different grasses, trees, weeds, and she's the most allergic to flea saliva. So we have to kind sure we keep her on flea preventatives. An allergic outbreak for her is terrible and she scratch herself until she's bleeding, her hair falls out, and she gets hives all over her stomach. It's terrible. Your vet can help you figure out what's cause her itchiness.

In the meantime... you might want the cone at least for overnight when you can't stop the licking/biting yourself. She's only doing more damage to herself.
Yes I agree definitely get a cone. You're going to consistency sorry for her and she won't like it but it really is for her own good.
Answers:    Some times dogs chew on themselves because they enjoy OCD believe it or not. Due to so much inbreeding and over breeding and such we have created dogs with Compulsive disorders i.e. chewing feet, chasing tail, excessive licking etc.

First I would check the dogs food, does it contain any grain such as Wheat, soy protein, corn, gluten of any kind? If yes, then the dog may have developed an allergy to corn which is the most adjectives grain that causes allergies in dogs and will raison d`ĂȘtre biting of the feet, and excessive scratching.

If you are on a grain free food afterwards chances are the dog has developed a compulsive chewing disorder.

My suggestion is treat the hot spots with Sulfadene lotion which you can pick up in the supermarket in the pet isle or petsmart or even walmart, it's yellow and say Sulfadene on the front, it's specifically for hot spots. Then after you've wrapped the bandage on the wound you spray the bandage with Listerine, dogs HATE the drink and smell of listerine, hopefully he will leave the bandage alone long enough to permit the hotspots heal, air is the biggest healer and keeping the hot spots wrapped will keep them moist and festering into possibly an infection, so whether you insist on keeping them wrapped then changing the bandage every hours of daylight will be your best bet. Have you used the vet wrap that is elasticated? It's a little harder to get stale, they can get it off because my dog chewed hers off when moved out alone.

Another addition would be the Elizabethan collar but they do make ones that are inflatable [picture attached] it makes it so the dog can put away and drink and lie down with ease but will prevent chewing, however there's a opportunity it won't prevent her from chewing on her front legs though.

Also if she's crated all night it might be out of boredom, I would construct sure she gets a ton of exercise each darkness before bed and try putting her in your room on a dog bed so you can "correct" her if you ensue to hear her chewing to get the bandages off.

Good luck, I construe it's frustrating, but going to the vet might give you some insight as to why she's suddenly chewing her feet and what the vet might recommend to stop the hot spots from getting worse like prescribing antibiotics and or sedative.

Hope it works out for you.
Yes, you requirement a vet and a cone.
my mother surrounded by law's dog will bite at his leg. it is some sort of allergy. she takes him to the vet and gets a shot and he quits until next time. you shoul pilfer your dog to the vet bc there is a reason he started biting at his leg in the first place.
i have a black lab to
It is definitely time for a vet. Could be allergies, could be a bug bite, one of a million things.

A vet visit is the simply sensible answer.
It is unnatural and i dont know what to say about it but i would recomend you bought this 'Chew Stop Spray' it is just a bitter taste spray that you spray on anything to stop them from chewing stuff, baisically wrap up her leg really good and put something waterproof on it so the spray dosent get on the wound and spray it near the stuff. Failing that please go to the vet because their might be something really wrong with her.

This is the website you can buy it

It is only lb3.25

Hope I help :D
I'm afraid that it is indeed time to visit the vet. That is your simply recourse at this time. Like it or not. This could end up being much more serious if you rescheduling any longer. Looks like it is time for a cone. Ask your vet for one. It will keep her from biting on her leg.
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