Removing Dew claws??

Do puppies have to be really young to have Dew claws removed? what is the oldest it can be done?
Yes, the younger the better (within days of birth). Obviously it can be done following on, but it would need to be done under a general anaesthetic.
Dew claws should be removed before 3 days old. It's not nice but preferable to having them ripped bad or - as in my dog's case - hanging himself upside down on a obstruction by one dew claw.
It's not just working dogs - any active dog who runs on rough ground can damage them.
Those who enunciate there is no need to remove them have unambiguously very limited experience of them, they vary contained by size tremendously, can be on front or back or both and can be huge double dew claws.
Removing them not only prevents them from being undermined and causing an infection but also the hassle of regularly cutting them to prevent them growing back into the leg.
If you don't agree near having dew claws removed until they cause trouble, how can you justify have a dog neutered if its reproductive organs aren't causing trouble any?
Answers:    Responsible breeders remove dews at 3 days,unless call for in their breed standard.

Dew may be removed any time after that if prone to injury & is most commonly done at time of spay/castration-if so requested.
VERY minor surgery,very express healing & very cheap. A coursing dog is far better off have them gone.
Puppies have to have at hand dew claws removed by a vet before three days old but if you ever see it's done it very cruel i worked as a veterinary nurse and vets hate doing it. It would be resembling cutting your thumbs off with no anaesthetic. Very itchy it is better to wait till they are older and if they own dew claws that stick out and a problem ones have them removed when having the dog fixed.
my mother in law is a qualified breeder as was her dad and surrounded by all the time the family has be doing this not once have they ever removed a puppys dew claw. in most countries its illegal to remove the dew claw, the one and only time a dogs dew claw should be taken off is if their working dogs
My friend just have rear dews removed from her Jack that kept tearing them. He is 3 years old. They be causing such an active dog a lot of problems, so the vet removed them. He is doing great in a minute, and no longer has the pain of tearing a dew claw.

I remove my puppies dews at 3 days. I would remove them from an elder dog if they were causing that dog torment.
Dogs need to be young to have them removed in need surgery...most vets require them to be less that 1 week...usually between 2 and 5 days old-fashioned. If you missed that window you can usually have them removed when you enjoy them spayed or neutered for only a little bit more money. Vets not often do surgery only to remove is painful, and usually dew claws aren't a serious ample problem to justify the risk of surgery. :-)
If your working her then yeah probably best to. You could nick the pup back to the breeder and ask them for their advice because i think freshly now it is only the breeder that can do it. Though its stupid because they can really hurt themselves.
Good luck

Beautiful pup btw
Whats her/his cross?
3-5 days but at the Vets I work for they own taken them off of dogs 1 yr of age under sedation.
They have to be removed when the pup is younger than three days. Otherwise its like having your thumbs removed!

A dog have its dew claws isn't really a problem anyway. My JR has his and they don't cause any probs.

Dews are mostly removed at 3 days old, it can be done up to 10 days old. Older than that & they should have a local anesthetic.

Once they are competent to go to a new home it can be done at the time of spay/neuter for a small excise.
not certain whats the oldest, but think when the puppies are a few days old they can be removed. you should ask your vet. all of dogs still own their dew claws, but it must hurt like hell if they ever get ripped out
Removing dew claws should be done around 3 days, if you want to.

When I bred and showed Shelties, I lone removed rear dew claws if the puppies had them: little, floppy things not really formed as a legitimate toe.

If I had a dog I was going to hunt through brambles, bushes and fallen limb I would probably remove fronts.

I HAVE seen a ripped front dew claw. THAT is not a pleasant sight, and took months and months of rehab after the surgery.
2-3 days of age.

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