Removing Dew claws on an full-grown dog?

The breeder of my male Dobermann did not remove his dew claws. He has broken his dew claws fairly frequently, once next to very little left, so I am now considering have them removed.

Would an adult dog recover quickly & is it usual for freshly the nail to be removed (not the digit)?
had our full-grown dogs removed today she kept getting infections - vet has assured me she will be her normal self tomorrow when she have got over the anaesthetic. She had the whole lot removed
At the vet clinic I used to work at we removed dews on fully developed dogs frequently, for the same reason you have mentioned.

Some dews on adults are attached, others are loose and floppy, so that would affect cost and your dogs salvage time. Of course, the loose floppy ones are easier and becomes more of a skin healing type of thing. Whereas the attached ones have need of to be disarticulated. So healing time is a bit longer but still not bad. Most dogs recover at a rate of knots and bounce back in a couple days. I know at the clinic I worked at we always sent throbbing meds home. He would also go home beside a bandage and because of location it would be important that he don't lick and chew at the site. Which dogs tend to do as they heal and tighten & itch.

If you stir in for the surgery, I would have the entire thing removed and not purely the nail. I guess I have never heard of it person done that way.

ADD the cost to removed the dew claw is dependant on whether they have to disarticulate or not. The anesthesia is the expensive part. It is a hugely minor procedure so I would couple it with another procedure such as a dental.
Answers:    Just remove the whole digit. I wouldn't pay more than 2-300 US dollars...I stingy...I wouldn't pay a penny over 150 pounds. Quite simple, local anesthetic, slice, cauterize, 8 year old can do it so whether they try to break bread over 150 pounds find another vet. The dog's recovery time will be practically 0. They never bore weight, there's zilch new to get used to, dewclaws are truly useless so when they're gone they aren't missed!

-Edit- And to the person who compared a dewclaw to rather toe...BAD comparison. With a missing toe you must relearn how to walk as you stated. A missing dew claw change NOTHING. In my breed, the GSD, the rear dew claws MUST be removed as they are big and catch things easily. Notice I said my breed and not "our" breed even after reading within your post that you own GSDs. I'm sure with the backward opinion you have your dogs are as equally backward to the German Shepherd as a breed...dewclaws and all!
Is there a reason the vet didn't merely take the dewclaw off when it was broken the first time?
I can picture it has been pretty painful respectively time he breaks them. It would not be much worse to have them surgically removed. The vet will remove the entire digit, not just the nail.
If you didn't at hand would be a stub left and it would be possible to break that as well.
Each individual dog recovers differently but I would influence he should do just fine. After all, he has recovered several times adjectives ready from what you are saying. The vet will give him headache medicine and barring any complications (such as infection (minimal) or him chewing out the sutures), he'll heal up in no time.
Call and discuss this near your vet. There are many vets that will not do a dewclaw removal on adults for cosmetic reasons, but whether he keeps breaking them, they should have no problem doing the procedure.
Best of luck to you and your boy. Dobies are awesome dogs!
I have an adult aussie that broke her often so I had it removed, it be like the puppies but a adult instead. I don't remember any thing central in the healing. I think it would be better next him hurting so many times. :-)
shut up stellar mag...the dew claw is practically useless in the dog very soon.
i would think the whole digit would be removed and recovery comparatively quick, although i expect exercise will be limited for at least a few days.
its soo annoying that so masses breeders still leave puppy's with dew claws in my view, one of mine also has hers, which don't cause her any problems luckily but they don't half hurt when they fence in your neck or face (hyper little thing), her breeder now have her pups dews removed after we told her what it involves and how quick it is, just as we also do.
i hated the perception at first and almost backed out with my first litter, i be amazed they hardly reacted at all, and be glad in the know that they will never tear one off.
They simply remove the nail. It's costly on an adult, my vet doesn't like to do it but will whether the owner insists. It's more painful when they are older. She'll recover suddenly enough. This is serious surgery, so don't expect her to heal within a couple of days.

He would recover quickly but the vet would remove the unbroken digit not just the claw. If he is have problems with them it worth getting them removed . If you are planning to own him fixed they could do it at the same time. He would have a couple of stitch were respectively claw was remove and they would be bandage.
The dew claws can be just a nail, or they may hold a bone in them too. If the bone is there, in our practice we would normally remove the whole thing rather than set out a stump that could still get caught.

This would be done under a general anaesthetic and most dogs rest fine from it. There may be a bandage for a day or so just to hold the area clean, and as the dew claw toe is not taking any weight, the dogs are normally fine about walking afterwards.
An adult dog will recover fine from having the entire point to talk to your vet and get him to decide which is best..

it is little more expensive on an developed, but not much more...and it is worth having it done, to prevent any further injuries to your baby.

good luck
I had a kelpie that used to break and crack his dew claws often, the pain those injuries caused be awful. I eventually arranged with the vet to have them totally removed. The worst quantity is the anesthetic as it is the riskiest part of the surgery. The dew claw removal recovery from the surgery took a couple of days and he was unacceptable to chew the bandage. Once removed my dog was running around and able to do adjectives our agility practice within a couple of days.

The Dobermann breed standard calls for the removal of the dew claws as they are undesirable. The front legs and paws of a Dobe are described as mortal well arched, compact, and cat-like, turning neither in nor out. All dewclaws removed. They remove all the digit as in good health as the nail otherwise it can still get injured if gone under the skin as it is still bone and can still cause pain to the dog or gain caught and tear easily.

I am the owner of 2 adult Doberman who enjoy had their dew claws removed at 3-4 days old and compete in the conformation ring. I hold never seen a dog with dew claws in the ring although we are in a minute starting to see Dobes with tails attempt to compete (sadly!)

Talk to your vet about this surgery and whether the dog is required to go under anesthetic for any reason seize it done in combination with that.

Good Luck & let us know how he go with the surgery :)
They bounce put a bet on just fine, although it's not cheap:-(

We charge about lb150 and our vets is considered fair on prices.
I don't do the nursing side anymore but if memory serves me correctly it does involve more of a digit removal as opposed to just the claw.
Normally the entire digit would be removed.

I would expect them to recover in a flash, it's a pretty minor surgery. But I'd try to combine it with another procedure if possible, like a dental or spay. Unless the nail was a REAL problem I wouldn't want to put him under a short time ago for that.
Best to have whole claw removed as the pin could and probably will grow back. If it is done properly by a vet then it should heal hugely well, the only problem would be stopping the dog from licking the wound open.
Millions of years of evolution give the dog dew claws for a reason. Although not a correct analogy, would you like your thumbs removed because you hold hitting it with a hammer? Why would you want to mutilate your dog?

To Little Miss Cavalier below
shut up stellar mag...the dew claw is practically useless surrounded by the dog now.

Using your "theory", the human little toe is practically useless, but if yours be removed it would take you months to learn to walk properly again.

I own watched my own dogs (German Shepherds) use their dew claws for the purpose that they were intended. If there is a medical idea for the amputation then do it, but please don't mutilate the dog out of "convention" or because the breed standard demands it.
They would probably want to remove the whole claw. The healing time would probably be about duplicate amount of time that it takes to heal when he injures it.
I know its expensive to enjoy a dewclaw removal on an adult and I know its considered an amputation but I think they just remove the staple
your dog should rest pretty quick as most vets will do this under an anesthetic and in that will be just one or two stitches, it is better to have the whole digit removed and safer for the dog
I asked a similar request for information earlier as i want to have my Lurchers removed.
From the answers i got it can be done smoothly at the same time the dog castrated, if he has already be castrated or you do not wish to have him done then i would phone your vet for proposal. they should be willing to help, especially as he have injured himself before.
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