Should I starve Pekingese until she eat dry kibble?

She is too skinny already! I'm afraid that if we but heads on this matter she could die! She will lone eat meats that I have to cook for her. I tried everything (most every). Just hold throwing money away. So stubborn, little Noodles. Thank You
I bought some nurture once and my Chihuahuas and Siamese (it was a type of feed you could feed both dogs and cats) and they would NOT drink it. They pretty much did starve themselves. It was a lamb/oatmeal mix too. So I had to switch back to the chicken/rice version of Wysong. I highly recommend their products. High quality and not too pricey.

You can also feed untouched meat/bones/veggies. I'd suggest doing a little research on it and trying it instead of cooking for your dog.
Your dog would probably enjoy wet/canned dog food a bit than dry dog food. Go to the grocery store and/or pet supply store and check out some of the canned foods they have. You'd probably find healthier ones at the pet store (Petco, Petsmart, ect.) but they even hold them at the grocery store. My dog, Missy, doesnt like dr food much either, but she'll eat drizzling food. One can is not that expensive either. I'd say a can varies from 70 cents to approaching $1.60 or something. That's just an estimate.

If you dont intend on ever buying wet food, try adding a touch hot water to your dogs kibble and mixing it around

Hope this helped.

Answers:    Actually the Pekingese breed is the only one that is specified to allow itself to starve to death rather than eat food it doesn't want to put away.

We would suggest that you mix some high quality kibble surrounded by with the food she likes most, and then slowly rotate out the favored food until you both find a come to pass medium between fancy food and general kibble.

You can moisten the food with heat water but do NOT use milk. Most dogs are lactose intollerant, and milk on their food will give them an upset stomach and diarrhea.

We further suggest putting her on a feed schedule (feeding her at the same time each day), so her body can gain into a normal physical routine of eating and eliminating.

If you allow your dog to "starve" you can be cited and fined by Animal Control for willful forgetfulness... so give your dog the food she needs.
A dog will not starve itself. If it is hungry enough, it will eat. She is just mortal picky and refusing the food because she knows if she refuse it long enough, you'll give her what she wants. Give her the dry food. If she doesn't nick it after half an hour, pick it up and try again later. Repeat this until she eats it.

She requests to know that she gets what you give her, or she gets nil at all. Do not starve her. Let her learn that all she is getting is the dog food.
def. dont starve her try mixing the food u use now and dry kibble and slowly supply less and less of what you feed her immediately, untill eventually there is only kibble left. It will b a long, slow process.
For one you don't starve any type of dog at all that straight up cruelty . If the dog put away what you buy it the dry and the wet then mix the two together
at a meal time the dog get to learn to eat dog food not the food we eat. Beside at hand are some food animals should not eat that we can eat. unless of course you are predisposed to pay the high vet bill for the dog. then you can nurture it what you want
You could do that.

You can do it gradually (add small amounts of kibble to what you cook her, increasing the dog food a moment or two at a time) or just put the dog food down, walk away, and permit her decide.

Doing it gradually will be less promising to cause stomach upset. Either way, when she's hungry enough, she'll devour.
I have the same problem beside my dog. Smaller dogs are often picky eaters. :) Leave the food all day for her to chomp through...and when she gets hungry she'll go for it. She won't let herself die for the sake of a better taste meal. The only way this will work though, is whether you are consistent. Absolutely no sneaking treats, because she will think that her abstinence has rewarded off. Try mixing in a little melt water in, to bring out the flavor and scent. Hope this helps!
:) *M
Well... dont starve her... but put her food out and leave her alone. she will eat when she gets hungry.

What food are you feed her? Make sure it's a HIGH QUALITY food!! Since my dog has been feed a high quality food, he wont eat any of that cheap crap. My mother within law feeds her dog Science Diet. My dog just wont chomp through it. He can be around the food all day and wont eat a single piece. But the moment I contribute him some Wellness, he gobbles it up!!
Have you checked the dogs teeth to make sure she is competent to eat the kibble? Maybe she has a loose tooth or a tooth problem besides being picky. She may not be capable of eat the kibble.Check her teeth first then try again.
Try moistening the kibbles next to milk.This should do the trick.
I would walk off it for a day or 2 but no longer, a dog is a dog and she should eat when she is hungry! but don't leave it for too long, merely in case im wrong!

good luck!
in good health u really shouldnt starve her if u want her to live!and plus that would be really mean! if she isnt ingestion DRY kibble, just start putting a tiny bit of water in and mixing it around. it brand of makes a gravy type thing. my friend had to do that near her dog and it worked! i think u should try it!
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