Stillborn puppies???????

I have a feeling my dog either have stillborn puppies inside of her or she lost them outside before i brought her in to nest because i no longer have a feeling the puppies moving inside of her. so i have a couple questions: if the puppies be stillborn inside of her, is there any way to tell previously they come out?? and would they come out normally? and if she already had them external and the male ate them, how soon would i be able to tell she wasn't pregnant anymore? her * are still big, but the front ones aren't really growing much. is that a sign?? approaching what signs would i be able to see to say if she's no longer pregnant or whether they're still born? i know puppies can "sleep" inside the mom but i heard if the mom got stirring, they start moving. so i played fetch with her and took her to the park to sniff around, and they still weren't moving! please help =[
1st of adjectives, you need to go back to the light of day you bred her, you will figure 9 weeks from them (59-63) days
You should NVER VER have a pregnant dog outside minus survision when shes close to term, towards th eend your supposed to walk her out on a leash to go potty, and at darkness with a flashlight in case.
If she still have lumps, there still there, youll know if she have her puppies, she will be super skinny. And if you had any doubt in your intellect that they are stillborn, if there not moving , you should have taken her to a vet to see instead of waiting around for an answer on here, we dont know, we cant see her, you shouldnt enjoy bred her in the first place if you dont know what your doing, you can cause spoil to the mom and puppies, if it was an accident, you should other keep a female in warmth away FROM MALES untill shes done, hopefully after this youll have her spayed, . But puppies dont always move adjectives day, they do sleep, but if it goes on for more than a year, then there is cause for concern. Good luck, I hope adjectives goes well!
oh and puppies that are still born : born dead
Well thats why you only breed dogs when you know your stuff about dogs.
sorry to say but its true, you should not breed dogs whether you have no idea or you would rather type it up on YA consequently take her to a vet.

Take her to a vet, that is why they are here in this world.

P.s Get your dog fixed so she doesnt enjoy any more puppies.

geez and please whilst your there get her FIXED
If there are still DEAD puppy stuck inside her-then get her to EMERGANCY VET NOW for a c-setion. The toxins from the deceased puppies can kill the mother dog, if not removed soon.
please get her to the vet and have her looked at to be on the undamaging side.

if they really are dead, she needs to draw from to the vet. that can kill her.
Answers:    A stillborn puppy is a puppy that is born comatose. If the puppies have not been born,then they cannot be stillborn and still be inside of her. If the pups are unmoving inside the mom,then you need to get her to a vet right absent,as they will decompose and cause a serious infection inside your dog's uterus which will kill her whether the puppies are not removed,either by inducing labor or doing a C-section and a spay,which would be the wise thing to do.The dog will also obligation antibiotics.The bottom line is,you need to get the dog to the vet right absent to see if she is pregnant or not,and if she is,if the pups are departed or alive.If she isn't pregnant,then you should just go ahead and get hold of her spayed.
DUMBASS! You're breeding dogs, and you are figuring these question out now?! YOU CANNOT GET ANYMORE IGNORANT! What a joke that your name is "animal-lover".
Yikes. That would definitely be a time where on earth you want to take your dog to the vet.

Edit: What's a better answer then taking your dog to the vet? There is no other answer. You don't even seem experienced surrounded by this field.
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