Tear stains on my lab puppy?

i have a 13 week old black lab puppy and i've noticed that he is constantly tear up and it's started to make lines down the length of his face. are these alike tear stains that maltese and shih tzu puppies get or is there a differece due to the breed? and are within any home remedies to get rid of them? i've heard antibiotics merely work temporarily. he eats purina puppy chow, but his water comes from the faucet, could that have anything to do next to it? thanks so much.
Answers:    you can get wipes that look resembling small diaper wipes for tear stains and it will get rid of the stains. the pup will prolly grow out of the tear thing as he gets a little elder. i have a lab and he used to do the same thing but after a while it stopped. well brought-up luck!
i think all dogs do that my Black Labrador he always tears up & they wind up up being eye boogers but that's not something you should worry about
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