Wat should u do whether ur dog eat crayons next poops them up?

my dog always eats crayons then have rainbow poop which is gross do u no wat i should do?
It's really very simple! You need to keep the crayons and everything else your dog should not be getting into, where on earth he or she cannot get to them. Dogs are very curious and sneaky, and you need to be completely careful about what you leave lay around!
Of course, they are non toxic as children use them and some probably eat them, too. If you don't want the dog to eat the crayons, of late put them away in a cupboard or closet where the dog can't get hold of them. Have you called crayola to tell them of your new invention? They are other trying to come up with new names for clean colors.
next time the dog eats crayons try feed it a coloring book at the same time. Who knows you could have the subsequent Picasso ! One more thing, is there a reason you can't maintain the crayons up on a shelf in a container away from the dog ?
Most crayons are non toxic, and as long as he poops it out and is otherwise fine, he should be ok. just put the crayons in a high/safe place. puppys/dogs are like babies...you enjoy to keep all small, dangerous sharp objects at eye rank to them put away.
hopefully they are non-toxic.
he should be fine
hold on to crayons where he can't reach them
Patent it and sell it to Crayola.

No seriously, your dog eat crayons because they are left out. Put them away.
Answers:    Keep the crayons away from him...?
Pick up the crayons. Put them where on earth she/he can't get them. If this is a real question...
keep the crayons absent from it,
if mine was rainbow coloured i would freeze it and sell it as ice-pops
pick up your crayons
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