We deem our dog ingested seven dust?

We are not sure, but we think she did. She can't stand up, she is shaking, when she walks she shakes valid bad, she can't eat, she can sometimes drink water, but she can't very soon. Please tell us what happened. Is it sevendust poisoning, or do you think it could be infirm age? She is a St. Bernard. I think she is about 11. Please help. THank you!!
If your dog is seriously not looking angelic, get off the computer and take her to your local emergency vet. Something requirements to be done. I don't think its old age if its happen recently. (Like in a day or two). Usually when dogs show signs of aging they experience it over time and generally not in a short period of time. If she is approximately 11 that is really old for St. Bernards. They only live on average 8-10 years. If she is poisoned and that out-of-date, the poison will effect her much, much more. Good luck.
Seven dust in small amounts should not be toxic to dogs. It's habitually used as flea powder.

What you are describing is a dog that is in terrible misery, or terribly ill, or is going into shock. This is a veteraniary emergency. Get her to the emergency vet now, it's the solitary kind thing to do.

If he says she is frail ( 11 is old for giant breeds ) and her heart, kidneys or liver are failing. She'll need your love and compassion to hold her head, while the doctor euthianizes her, to failure her suffering. Going to peaceful sleep is a blessing to a miserable old dog. GO.
Diazinon is very toxic - and she needs emergency care NOW!

sounds like very bad hypersensitivity to what ever you have used to treat fleas. she is having a severe shock reaction and desires a vets attention now.

her age is a concerning factor as older dogs dont respond ably to shock.

keep her warm with plenty of sea and get the vet to your home now or your dog to them which ever will be quickest. most of adjectives keep calm, she will sense your upset and worry which will complicate things.

save offering water and act fast accomplishment now get her a vet
get to the vet fast
Don't know what seven dust is, but individually I would take her to the vet quickly she could have be poisoned.
Answers:    You requirement to take her to the vet, now!
Try calling the poison control for animals, or ASPCA or any Emergency Vet you can find online.
Good Luck
Sevin dust is very toxic, all though a dog wouldn't normally eat the stuff, it's vastly possible that that is what happened. Call poison control on the way to the Emergency Vet!
vet now! beforehand his bloodstream gets toxic and kills him
What is a dog and what thud does it generate?   Is my dog bored? Do dogs bring bored?   Can I unfold Keflex capsule and mix the powder next to my dog's food?   Why is the salary made for a checkup/whatever at a vet's bureau call an "organization call"?