What are the differences between a girl dog and a boy dog? ?

I'm looking at a Jack Russell. im 13 and im 1 of 4 of kids in my family.
everyone wants a dog contained by our family my mom says that The girl dogs are normally more matured? is this true? if you think there's no difference feel free to read out that. but if you do please explain.
boys have a penis and girls enjoy a vulva?

Its cheaper to neuter a male.

I think "surrounded by general' males are more affectionate, while females tend to be more moody.

both males and females will hump and mark, expecially if you dont spay and neuter at a young-looking age.. both can display aggression when sexually mature. Females go thru messy heat cycles whether you dont get them spayed.
i have two girl dogs and one boy dog. so i hold a little experience with this.

as a rule, boys will be more aggressive. if you find a boy, it will be harder if you decide to get another puppy subsequently if one of your siblings gets one or something. they will also be more prone to mark your house which can patently get annoying. these tendencies get toned down once they're neuter, but they don't go away. a boy dog will still play rougher, be harder to train, and mark the house more than a girl dog.

another piece you should know is that Jack Russels are already a handful. i'm not saying don't get one, i think they're awesome, but whether you get a male pup in that breed, it will be extra-difficult to elevate, especially if it's your first dog. they can be stubborn and bite. also, he will probably chew your furniture, dig, and may be aggressive fluently (not in a mean-spirited way, he might just bond more to you than somone else, or he might bite a stranger whether they came to your house.)

point: your mom's right. girl dogs are easier to train, have calmer temperament, and are less aggressive. they're all-around more mature.

anyway, the conclusion is essentially up to you. if you think you can handle it, consequently by all means get a boy dog. you should probably budge to wikipedia and look at the characteristics of a Jack Russell. expect them to all be elevated in a boy dog. that way you can be certain of your decision.

hope this helps :)
If they are neutered and spayed, within is almost no difference, and anyway, ALL dogs are different
Jack Russell's are amazing escape artists!
Even a nurtured dog will mark territory but not nearly as much as one that is not fixed. They are like, just like everything else every single animal will have a different person, thats why when you go pick one out you play with them all and see which one you guys connect next to best.
For me...all I have to do is look into a dogs eyes and you'll feel the nouns. :)
Good luck!!
Answers:    All the females I've had have be more obedient. I loved the males just as much though. A neutered mannish does better than non-neutered as far as obedience.

The male I have very soon is a Pit Bull which has a lot of energy, and can hold "tunnel vision" at times when we are outside; but once I have his attention, he is very, outstandingly smart and obedient, so I'm not saying that males are less supportable. He is probably the sharpest dog I've had, but as a whole the females have be a bit easier to manage outside.
if you are thinking on getting a dog make it masculine,if you get a female you could termination up with lots of pups.
i think females are milder mannered and more affectionate,but it depends on the dog.
if you want a dog remember it will be near you for a lot of years so if you are prepared to look after it for all that time capture one.if you are not prepared to do that dont get one.
shes right b/c i had a girl dog and she was the most respectful dog and we dodnt even train her. and i also had a boy dog and within a hand full lol..
There's no big difference except for females going through heat, growing faster, and are more ripened (mature faster too). Males lift their leg, females don't. It truly isn't a big deal
It has been my experience that female dogs commonly are better behaved, they don't normally lift a leg and engrave all territory around them which can be stinky and males are more boisterous. Don't get me wrong males are worthy dogs too it just takes a little longer for them to become fully grown out of the puppy stage, which is really cute in small dogs but not so much 60 pounders that still seem to think they weigh almost 5 pounds. Plus they often take any opportunity to find a female whether left unattended where as females just skulk on males to come looking. I'd listen to mom on this one. Hope this helps
just the size really males are bigger
and males are generally more dominant
but that wont really effect a jack russel to much
females usually mature a bit earlier
please vote me
hope this help

You can ask five different people and find five different answers for five different reasons. It's *really* a matter of taste and lifestyle.

If the dog is spayed or neuter (and he or should be for dozens of reasons) either sex makes an acceptable pet. It really depends more on the individual dog. Some ethnic group say females are more independent and perhaps more stubborn, but that is not necessarily other the case. Males do lift their legs on bushes, etc., so if that's a concern, be warn.
Both sexes are a great little dog but a dog is normally more aggressive than a **
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