What are the likelihood my puppy will survive parvo?

He just got diagnosed today and they told me it be possible. I'm giving him all my attention. He's taking all his meds and intaking fluids on his own. He is mostly sleeping and when he's not sleeping he's drinking. Is there anything else I should be doing? Anything I can do to rearrange his chances? Please help he's so little and dear to me.
If you're under a vet's supervision and follow adjectives instructions, there's about an 80% survival rate. Do get him within ASAP if he shows any sort of downturn to be put on IV fluids and round-the-clock vet care.
i surmise tht what you're doing now, is all tht you can do, and shows tht you care immensely much. If you want to find out more on wht you can do to improve his chances I would try researching on google where in that are sites that specialise in it. There are also special leaflets in vets and i'm certain you could personaly talk to the vet.
If your puppy didnt survive (and i Really Really.. hope it does) at least you would know tht you have done adjectives you can, and tht the puppy was happy. I really hope tht your puppy is ok. and yes they can survive so good luck x
Give him lots of TLC and I will keep him in my prayers. My dog was diagnosed on Thursday and is conflict too. Watch for dehydration and the vet can show you how to do the subcutaneous fluids at home if you ask. Mine started vomitting, so I have be giving her injections at home. Best of luck to you and again you are in my thoughts.
most of the puppies with parvo will die from dehydration.

Treatment is normally an IV or sub-cutaneous fluids antibiotics, there is no cure, you can keep the dog alive but making sure it have plenty of protein and making it drink plenty of water. you also need to make certain you are controlling the body tempeture.
Make sure that you take him to the vet. If you hold caught it in time there is a huge chance that your puppy will survive. Have hope there is always a chance. :) If you own any other pets make sure to get them checked out too. Parvo is a highly contagious and deadly disease. Best of luck hun' :)
Keep him at the vet it is his best shot! i lost a 2 year old puppy to parvo and it be the most heart breaking experience. Untreated Parvo has approximately a 90% chance of fatality but intensively treated parvo has nearly 85-90% survival chance.

take care of him and don't contribute up, even if he looks better he might not be.
My dog was diagnosed next to something similar. He wasn't supposed to live and it's very very rare that dogs near what he had survived. So I would say that there is hope ! Just dispense him as much love as possible because that will help out a lot. Good luck with adjectives of that !
His best chance of making it is if he stays at the vet. & get round the clock care. Why did they let him go domestic? If it was the vets choice, find a new vet! My sisters dog have it. Their vet kept him & stayed with him 24/7. He pulled out of it and is now a bouncy boy. Please don't just dispense up. The vet bill will be worth it in the end.
Well, it really would be best for him to be at the hospital on IV fluids. If his conditions worsens, whip him back to the vet for hospitalization, or to a referral hospital with 24 hour care.
If you've already taken him to the vet and they have given you the medication for him, that's about all you can do. Just contribute him the meds and hope and pray. I had a puppy make it through but it was a slow process. Good Luck
Answers:    its safe to articulate that puppys do survive parvo. my five month old lab puppy just survived parvo and right now she is running around surrounded by circles under my computer chair. but she spent five days at the vet to so they got her through the worst of it and i get her back when she was just really tired and not drinking.

keep him hydrated and dont force him to eat anything yet. dogs know when they call for to eat. my vet told me that parvo when treated has an 80% survival rate.

you just stipulation to stay positive. my husband got sad and throught she was going to die (so did i, i freshly didnt show it!) and it made him a mess. you have to stay positive for your puppy.

but my vet recommended that you give them soft food in their bowl thats bland exact thats probably going to be the first thing they want to eat.

parvo is definitley treatable and it sounds like your doing the right point. if it gets worse though take him to the vet.
My dog wus allmost put to sleep while i wus absent because he had parvo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and that lil guy fought it off and is still alive and well.]
i cant utter what the people looking after him did but it worked. good luck
The probability are very good that your dog will survive parvo. As long as he's taking his meds and drinking water so he won't attain dehydrated, he should be ok. If he's not eating dog food, try putting chicken broth on it. Or you can give him small its of chicken, scrambled egg, something restrained that his stomach will tolerate. There's not much else you can do. Give him lots of love and attention, and if his condition changes or becomes worse, embezzle him to the vet right away. He should be ok. Best of luck to you and your puppy. Hope I helped.
anything you can do? yes, take him to the vet and enjoy him put on iv fluids.
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