What breed does this look close to?

He is 2 months old and weighs 11 pounds in these pics. Last time most populace said he was a Doberman or Min Pin. The vet said he is definately not either of those. As of right now he is 3 months and weigh 16 pounds.

a lab mixed with a short-hair retriever
cute pup! definitely not a min pin or dobe lol xD

I see Dachshund in him, but its unlikely because he's quite big for a Doxie already.

His coloring reminds me of a Catahoula, I don`t know Catahoula x Beagle?

Could even be pure Catahoula:

I personally don't see Australian Shepherd in him...the color is unusual for an aussie. not the merle, but the method its solid merle with tan points. more commonly seen surrounded by catahoulas or doxies
maybe he is cog german shepard or ausstrallian shepard
Nope, he's not Australian Shepherd - they have fluffy fur next to a soft undercoat.

He looks like a very small Australian Cattle Dog - maybe mixed next to something smaller, as he is too small for that to be pure. But other than his size, he does look like a cattle dog, also sometimes referred to as a blue heeler. That is where the color cut-out comes from, I'm pretty sure, or Catahoula.

Do you know what he was born to? He's really cute!
its a dotson NOT A WIEENEY DOG type of dotson:its a dapal there very rear :D

Its a Catahoula Leapard Dog!


Answers:    Looks like a Catahoula Leopard Dog mix. No Doberman or "min pin" in there. I don't know what gobshite would articulate that.
The ears and shape look like a Catahoula. Probably mixed with something smaller. Could be mixed with anything.
Could even enjoy border collie in him, you can get merle collies.

The colour is merle by the way. Danes can be blue merle, but they don't take red mixed in. Catahoula's do.

He could very easily be an Australian Shepherd mix, a pup dosn't necessarily enjoy to have a long coat to be a mix. Mixed breed littermates all turn out differently. Some will have long fuzz, some short. Just depends on the parents. Also, the dog only shows the genotype. The phenotype is the part you can't see. For example a lab/collie mix with short fuzz. The phenotype is short hair, but he carries the gene for long hair.

Its a nice dog anything he is.

Have a look at CLD's here -

Good luck!
Neither a Doberman nor a Min Pin would throw that color.

Aussie, Daschud, Great Danes, Blue Heelers (I'm sure there are other)are the only breeds I've see with that coloring.
He looks like a toddler Rottweiler-don't worry! lol They are actually very sweet, unlike the mark. They can run very very fast.
The body shape and background color pattern remind me of rottweiler - the merle patterning could be from an australian shepherd.
definately a chihuahua
In the first picture his obverse looks beagle but he has the Blue Merle color of like maybe an Australian Shepherd. Whatever he is, he is a terribly cute puppy.
Omg that dog is adorable!
My guess is a Australian shepherd and a Collie i don't know why it merely kind of looks like that to me. A lot of australian shepherds have that characteristics of color.


Looks resembling a catahoula leopard dog or a cross.

I dont see any dobe in him nor min pin.
idk but soooooooooo cutee!
he looks a little bit close to a dachshund mix.
The coloring is right for an Aussie, but the overall shape just...isn't.

I agree with the Catahoula Leopard Dog statements. He looks mostly similar to a Catahoula.
Looks approaching a catahoula cur to me. Cute.
I would guess doxie beagle. But quite often, a lot of shelters/rescues/wherever that don't hold documented parents have dogs that are 3rd, 4th or longer generation mixes; so you can't just decrease it down to two breeds.
Check out PetSmart, you can get a breed identification test at hand that you mail it. You send in a DNA indication and they analyze it. I think it's only around $100 too.
Oh and don't forget to post your results on here too. =D
part rot, beagle
I'm thinking of a blue heeler..idk tho
Well it looks kind of like a rotweiler to me..
Definitely looks like a doberman or maybe rottweiler
hes so cute!
but, i dont know really knoww,
im sorry

he looks resembling a mix . . .

maybe a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Dotson
looks like a mix between a german shepard and a rott.cute puppy tho
Looks Doberman to me
Looks like he's mixed beside one of those shepherd type dogs. Just not sure with what else or what kind. Soooo cute. The more I look at the pics, the more I see a dachsund. So I'm going near dachsund shepherd mix. On second thought, I looked up Catahoula Leopard dog and yours looks quite a bit like this one...
Looks close to part Rottie and part lab. Sure is cute!
I think he looks like a Dachshund / Blue Heeler mix.

Whatever he is, he is an adorable dog. What is his name?
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