What can i do some of my dogs teeth are loose and her gums are bleeding.?

ok for all of you that are saying i shouldn't have a pet whether i can't afford a vet visit just so you know i took her and her sisster in because my god mother be seriously ill and in the hospital so i wanted to be certain they were taken care of.

now i checked her again and i saw that the blood is coming from her gums. nearly 4 of her teeth are loose. she is drinking water but is not eating obviously she is trying but im certain her teeth hurt.
I know you don't want to hear it, but give somebody a lift her to the vet. A dogs teeth just don't come loose. There had to be an impact of some sort, and if in that was, there could be much more serious problems. A possible broken jaw, or skipper injury, etc...

First, look for a low cost vet in your area, or call the humane society and ask whether their vets would look at your dog. Your dog should be put on an easy to chew wet dog food, not dry kibble.

Dogs, similar to humans, can develop periodontal disease which can lead to tooth loss. A dogs teeth need to be periodically cleaned, and possibly cleaned while under sedation at a vet if they have bad tarter buildup. If the dogs teeth are loose and gums are bleeding within must be done loss due to a long term periodontal disease. A vet can determine if the dog would be more comfortable (an healthier) with the teeth removed. Ask a vet what type of diet the dog should be on base on it's age and condition. Good Luck, the situation may not be able to be repaired at this point, but you sure can make the dog comfortable and bullish!
Answers:    did she get hit by a car ( head trauma)

how ancient is your dog?

is this new?

how often do you scale your dogs teeth?

how normally do you inspect your dogs teeth

more info needed
She NEEDS to walk to the vet and have the teeth removed/fixed if they are loose.. and they may give her some spasm meds / antibiotics. It's painful for dogs just as it is for humans when their teeth hurt. The vet has to examine her. You don't want the dog to go and get an infection and be in that type of pain.

Please take her ASAP.
How old is this dog?
Please see your vet, I am sure if you ask for a bit of time to pay they would still assistance your dog, vets aren't sadistic money grabbers. Your needs urgent vet care so that she can munch through. Best luck x
This sounds like a gum disease called pyrea and what happens the gums become inflamed and the teeth loosen and eventually own to be removed so take her to the vet who will diagnose and most likely remove the teeth.It is not easily treating this disease and contained by fact humans get this too and eventually loose all teeth.If it can be treated you must hand over your dog meaty raw bones so it cleans the teeth or ge the dog tooth brush and paste and do that every day
Maybe switch her to can food for a while and get her teeth cleaned.
She should be seen by a vet. Not only are bad teeth a problem for her intake, they can cause heart problems in herself as well as you.
go to the vet. ur god can be within pain. dont let her suffer

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