What can i do to keep hold of my dog happy/not bored?

i take her for walks everyday but when its freezing out and we cant go out she get really high engergy and i cant keep it down with her jus staying within the yard and house. what can i do to keep her happy but not bored through out the year
Try taking her to a doggy daycare a few times a week.. Most big ebergy dogs really bennefit from going there. Also, just put a sweather on your dog and run her. She will warm up and so will you. If you are similar to me and can't stand running, take her to the doggy park. She will run on her own with the other dogs, just dress her kindly if she is a breed that cannot handle the cold.
i sometime draw from a bleached bone from the pet store near me and fill it with dog meat and slices of cooked chicken and freeze it over darkness.

if i have to go out for that a few hours i put a bone within the crate with each dog and keeps them populated for ages especially when teething or if they have sore gums a s the coolness feel nice on sore gums and as the food defrosts slowly it take ages to get it out.

mine listen to the radio and bounce on my little trampolene when chasing respectively other around. get your dogs some toys that you dont mind playing in the house beside her, hide toys and treats around the place for her to find keep s her busy for littl e whiel
Get her some toys or a scratching post maybe if you can a topical puppy? Hope your dog is happy!
mental stimulation! you'd be surprised at how you can tire a dog out with some brain work. Get into an tameness class, do some daily training and tricks at home. Kongs, untreated marrow bones. Play with jolly balls, pup treads, tennis ball; etc.
teach it to swim
Well, if you own some extra bucks, you can go online and look at dog treadmills. 15 minutes on one is like an hour stride.
play with her as much as you can.I get my dog those kongs that you put treats in..as they play next to it and the treats fall out...he will play with it for an hour.
let her romp free free for awhile in your patio.
then, a lot of chew toys and throw toys.
Answers:    If you do have room that is pretty much empty but not too small, than i propose you should maybe get a soft ball and play near her in the room.
If you don't have a room then you can also buy some fun possibly squeaky toys. Make certain you have ones that she can't choke on though.
Now you did mention the yard. The yard, whether big enough, can be a perfect place to walk your dog around a touch. You can just put her on a leash and walk her around the perimeter of the patio a few times. It would be like a walk and you could definitely preserve her Energy down.
For a smaller yard just walk her around the border more times.
If the weather IS freezing out, then possibly invest in a doggy-sweater. They definitely come within handy. If possible, then buy some small booties for your dog's paws. They help protect and keep hold of her warm.
I hope i helped and i would appreciate it if you chose me as best answer!!
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