What do I do whether I accidentally hurt my puppy?

We got a new puppy and It's going great but I have accidentally hurt him a lot(unfortunately). Is at hand any specific thing I should do besides giving him love and treats and being careful?
Take him to a vet and be more careful?

First bad what kind of hurt. Like the above posters say it's a baby. In my feelings a lot more work and responsibility then a human baby at times. Also whether it's a puppy especially around the age of 8-9 weeks it's what some call a fear stage. Anything that scare the dog at this age will stick with it the rest of his life. Things like other dogs bark, loud noises, and being hurt by people will hold a lasting effect on the dog. I know from personal experience.M y Doberman hesitates around my pitbull because when she was little she go to play with him when he had a treat, he snapped at her and scared the * out of her. So very soon she don't like him. The other Doberman is fine with him. I would just provide him lots of treats and praise and affection.
what kind of hurt? emotionally or physically? and "Accidentally" and "a lot" do not travel too well in the same sentence more info please
How do you keep on "accidentally" hurting your dog "a lot'?? lol.

He is a puppy.. don't play so rough beside him. I highly doubt anyways that he is harboring any bad feelings towards you for hurting him anyways.. I own hurt my dog playing with him before too and I say sorry buddy and we verbs like it never happened. lol.
Answers:    Well try and bond next to him and take him to the park and any nearby pet shops like petsmart or petco. Buy him toys and treats and hold good care of him Spoil him always be around treat him close to a new born puppy. Whatever you did couldn't be so bad that he never wants to see you again and its not approaching it was on purpose. I hope I helped you out! ^_^
Well, obviously don't play too rough. Take him for walk, don't run around him and be gentle. When you play with him, sit on the floor with him and don't really move enormously fast. Let him do the running and jumping.
the way i bonded near my yorkie was when I was pregnant she needed alot of attention and so I would wrap her up in a recieving blanket and take her like a baby ... she loved it!! she would drag the blanket whenever she wanted me to do that (all the time) when i did I would look within to her eyes and sing to her and she would fall asleep haha! it was soooooo cute!! :) <3
Be more thorough! It's a BABY dog! Be gentle, sweet and kind...stop handling it like it be a toy! It's a living creature. Ease up. kjl
Fist off, you don't want to play too rough with him. It's also vital not to play too rough with them, because it could cause them to develop an aggressive behavior. Secondly, don't pick them up too much either, unless you obligation to. It's okay if you want to to pick up your puppy, but if you do - make certain that you pick it up the correct way. Good luck, and rememberer - even thought puppies are delicate - they can also be pretty tough at times. So as long as you didn't explanation it to break any bones or bleed, I'm sure he will be okay, just start being a moment or two excare-fullfull until you gets older.
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