What dog breeds...?

What dog breeds can stay home alone for 8 hours a day? I know dogs love to have company, but most populace do actually have to work, or go to institution, and they have dogs that seem fine. So what breeds are best if they are going to be not here alone for a period of the day. I would prefer a small breed. Not a really hyper breed. But one that is other happy to be walked. Thanks for the help.
Golden Retrievers or Labs. They love to be walked and can stand to be departed alone for so many hours of a day. They are also very loyal dogs whether you can gain their trust.
Sorry, but toy dogs were originally bred for companionship so they don't usually do well moved out alone for long periods of time. There are small dogs (especially terriers) bred for work/other purposes, but they have lots of energy and require lots of mental and physical exercise. Any dog you bring is going to be hyper by the time you get home and need lots of exercise whether they are alone that long.

Add: If you really want a dog (especially a small one) you might consider Shirley J's suggestion of getting a dog sitter or taking it to dog "day care." They prevent the dog getting lonely and help prevent desctructive behavior.
Well it's not a bit type of "breed" that can or can't stay by itself all the time. It's just there are types that will do better contained by that situation than other.

Types that you wouldn't want would be :

Pit Bull
Golden Retriever
..wow almost all breeds. Cause dogs get curious and bored. That's when you come domestic to a house that's a mess from the dog chewing or going through stuff.

Don't ask can I keep it in a crate cause no you shouldn't for 8 hours.

If you don't hold time for a dog whats the point of having one?

Breeds that Charlotte K gave are gonna be your best bet. They do best when being departed alone for long periods of time.

I still say not a life for any dog.

Ha yeah take a cat...or a hamster..hey maybe even a fish??
don't go for hunting or working dogs such as labradors Alsatians, jack russels, collies etc they need loads of excercise and stimulation or they will become bored and unless you have a year or so to train them, they can start ripping up your house. it's not right to leave a dog alone for 8 hours they will get lonely. but if you really want one what roughly speaking a Bull Dog, they are quite lazy in common and as long as they got loads of fuss at night they'd be pleased to be left to sleep during the sunshine. if it's for company ever thought about getting a cat? cat's are perfect pets for working owners, they are independant and sleep most of the sunshine anyway but love cuddles and play later in the evening, you can stride some breeds too if you train them to go on a lead!!
a Boykin Spaniel they are so cute but highly calm and obedient they can be left alone for a long time because they are external dogs and love to be walked they will also never run away

Get a cat. Dogs need love and attention specially when u first get them, They obligation to know who u are and how much u love them. Best option if your insistent on getting a dog...Take 2 weeks vacation whether you can, and during those 2 weeks start by leaving for an hour a day than 2 hours and so on at the end of 2 weeks the dog desires to be pottie trained and understand u will be leaving for hours at a time. I have a husky-lab mix and he be house trained in a little under 2 weeks. Based on ur time frame and size conditions u obligation an Intelligent dog. I would recommend a border collie if you have the money (250-1000 dollars) or another dog like a lab or golden retriever. Im not a supporter of small dogs if you can tell but border collies run on average 30-45 pounds so not huge. And try to adopt from a pound or SPCA. good luck.
Answers:    Any breed of dog can stay domestic for 8 hrs. Very active breeds are usually more prone to being anxious and destructive while domestic alone.
Don't ever leave a puppy locked in a kennel for 8 hours, they need a bigger space approaching the kitchen to be left in with food,hose, toys, chews, a bed etc...

As for a breed to reccomend...
- Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
- Maltese
- Lhasa Apso
- Bull dog

A stuffed one.
Alone for 8 hours a day?
If you don't hold time for the dog, what the point of having one?

and it depends on the dogs personality.
A Papillion or a Pomeranian should b good.I work and leave mine domestic all day and theyre fine :)
You need an older house trained dog without profoundly of exercising needs.
Get the considerate of dog you want. If it doesn't do well at home you can take it to a sitter. There are light of day centers for doggies popping up all over here in Southern California. I had a pomeranian and he loathed being left alone so every day I dropped him stale at my mother's house on the way to work and picked him up on the way home. She and my Dad be happy to have him and he loved going there. It be a win-win situation. It's something to consider.
I wouldn't suggest getting a dog, whether you can't be around them, it's selfish.
My dog lenzia will scratch the tv and knock it down and break it and i own have to replace my tv 3 times a d?   How can I stop my dog from intake composition?   Why does my puppy poop too much?   Help on dog breeds please?