What genus of bone can I confer my Olde English Bulldog (5 months old)?

I recently bought a "pork hambone" from petco for my Olde English bulldog. I brought it home and did a little research on the computer earlier I gave it to her. The more I read, the more I think I shouldnt give it to her. I am interested contained by finding out what kind of bone I can give her though? I know bulldogs have smaller esophogus' etc so I want to be certain and very careful. She chews on nylabone and kong bones, but Im looking for something real, a meaty bone of some sort? any suggestions?
ye your right not to make available her that bone.
give her a (pigs ear) most pet feed shops have them, near cheap and there safe, because there not realy a bone, but at hand a real pigs ear and i know all puppys including large dogs love them.
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Eh, I'd stay away from giving pork bones to dogs. I usually one and only ever give my boxer big beef bones. Also, make sure you inspect the bone in the past you give it to your dog. If it seems brittle, or has any splintery ends do NOT pass it to your dog as he can choke very easily on it. Also, periodically check on whatever bone you donate to your dog to make sure it is not getting to ragged or falling apart because that can front to choking as well.

A good alternative to real bones, that aren't only chew toys, are the Rawhide bones. You can buy some rawhide bones that have strips of meat or meat flavoring in them. My dog literally treats those bones as if they are crack, she loves em!
Not a dutiful idea, at all.
Stick to what you're you're giving her. Ask your breeder.
Try not to give your pup (or any dog) bones or rawhide. If you want to supply him something to chew on, try bully sticks which are easily digestible and won't break off into dangerous bits. Bully sticks are deeply disgusting but dogs really seem to like them. They're sold at any pet supply store and online. Try www.bestbullysticks.com for great prices and quality products.
don't verbs about "meaty" bones. Nylabone is the safest one out there. No asphicsiation like rawhide, no internal bleeding similar to cooked bones. If you want to give them something completely safe but still hearty, most larger pet stores or places that market natural pet food, sell what they call freeze-dried treats. Natures Variety make godd flavors of these but i warn you they are COSTLY, so i would just stick to the nylabones
Get greenies! Rawhides can be risky, they can choke if they dont chew it up all the way.
Real bones processed to be sold in pet stores have been cooked and can splinter when your pup chews on them. These splinters can perforate her intestines and head to massive health issues or death. Not a good choice. Also beware of soft plastic or soft rubber toys, whether she eats too many pieces, they can lead to impaction and a hefty vet bill.
Stick to pressed, small piece untouched hides (large chucks of raw hide, the bone shaped ones, roomy flat pieces, etc pose a choking hazard) bully sticks/other edible chewing toys while you supervise. My dog loves the "healthy edibles" from Nylabone. You can also try stuffing a Kong with some kibble and squeeze cheese to keep hold of her interested. If she's really teething and having gum pain, stuff the Kong with peanut butter and freeze it, look for "chilly bones"- cover chew bones you can soak and freeze to ease gum pain- or ask your local butcher to cut down a marrow (soup) bone and freeze it. These too can splinter, but because they're raw bones, they tend to be digested and not cause vigour issues- but watch closely so she doesn't get it stuck on her jaw or devour large pieces of bone.
There are not any bones that are out of danger for your dog. I can't even give my german shepherd a nylabone - she chunks it into big pieces and then vomits. Never give rawhide, it can butcher your dog. Pig ears are disgusting and fatty and not good for your dog. Greenies are OK but I know what you mean about them self gone in seconds. I thought meaty bone was not dangerous and my shepherd loves to chew. I had bought a huge bag at petsmart. She enjoyed it for a while, consequently bit it into pieces and a huge piece lodged in her upper palate at the back of her throat. I couldn't get it out it be so far back. I rushed her to emergency and $500 later, she was fine near no ill effects. No bones at all in my house apart from an occasional "milk bone". Nothing else is safe and I love my dogs too much to put them in danger. I hold not been able to find anything that is not dangerous and nutritionally sound. A friend of mine used to buy "marrow bones" at the meat counter in the grocery store, cook them for 30 minutes and give them to her dog. Again, I've see these round bones get caught in a dog's throat. These are my experiences. We don't do bones at all. Hope this help.
Answers:    Raw meaty ones that are huge enough for your dog to have to work for his meal. It is in actual fact the meat that flosses and polishes the teeth rather than the bone. Think things like chicken quarters or chunks of pork shoulder fairly than a bare shin bone.

Many people raw nurture bulldogs (meaty bones and organs) with great success.

** I would stay away from ear, rawhides and greenies as these are adjectives choking hazards. Large weight bearing bones such as shin and knuckles are too strong for your dog to munch through. They will wear down the teeth and may crack them. Try to stear clear of sawn bones too. Stick to raw meaty ones - the larger the better - and your dog will be fine.
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