What length are boxers' tail supposed to be docked?

I think my roommate's boxer's tail may be docked too long.
That in truth is not noted in the breed standard, so it's pretty much all the docking vet's interpretation of what it should be. I've hear to leave 2 or 3 vertebrae, I've heard to leave 1/3" or 1/2" (at the time of docking, when pups are a few days old)... so it only depends. Possibly the breeder has more influence over the decision and tells the vet what it should be. Also, the tail appear longer when they are puppies. My female's docked tail looked too long to me when she was young, but she's grown into it.
If it's not the dogs natural tail length then it's too short IMO. It's now wrong to dock tails for any reason other than medical.

"For example, surrounded by United Kingdom tail docking was originally undertaken largely by dog breeders. However, in 1991, the UK rule amended the Veterinary Surgeons Act, prohibiting the docking of dog's tails by lay persons from 1 July 1993. Only veterinary surgeons were, by statute, allowed to dock.

However, following the passage of the law, the Council of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in November 1992, ruled docking to be unprincipled, "unless for therapeutic or acceptable prophylactic reasons". The requirement in which the Royal College considers prophylactic docking to be legitimate are so strict..."

Yes so it's illegal (in the uk), painful, unnecessary and cruel to dock the tail at all so surrounded by answer to your question, boxers tails are supposed to be as long as they naturally are.
A boxer docked tail should be no longer than 2 - 3 inches. I have own three boxers. and Still have one thats get a docked tail hers is about 2 inches in length.
Boxers do not actually enjoy to be docked. It's for appearance, not medical reasons. Having a tail longer than is standard is not a problem. Having a tail that's not docked at all is actually great.

This really isn't something to verbs about. What's done is done.
Answers:    From Boxer central:

An old "rule of thumb" used to be to set out 2 vertebrae on the dog. And those two vertebrae would give a tail of about 2 inches in length when the dog be mature.

The AKC has no standard for length, just say tail should be docked.
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