What should I do near my dog, after she drank cooking grease?

My neighbor poured remaining cooking oil in our backyard, my 2 yr. old Bichon Frise go over and drank it. She has been vomiting and pooping all over and i dont know what to do. I call the vet, and they didnt really help. Any suggestions?
Relocate. With an azzhole like this for a neighbour, you will never be safe.
First, get hold of her to a vet..If yours isn't helpfull call another... She will probably need to be given fluids and vet prescribed anti-vomiting and anti-direaheal medicine (I've be throught it a few times...MY foster pets will eat anything..).. Take the vets advice...you might hold to get a prescription food for a week or to like Hill's I/D which will help her stomach achieve used to eating doggy kibble again... and then go external and put dirt or something over the grease..(sand, kitty litter) and make sure you dont leave her hard by it unattended... Or buy a fence between you and your neighbor.
It's just going to purge her system which means lots of poop and puke. The poor item. I hope you at least have words with yout neighbor something like this and send any vet bills their way.
Make certain she drinks plenty of water. You can also go buy her some pedialite. If it continues in the subsequent few days call the vet again.
Answers:    Whatever you do, don't stand directly behind the dog! (wink).
The cooking oil isn't going to do any binding damage. Can't say the same for anything that may or may not hold been in the cooking oil.
If it be mine I would give it some kopectate and watch it like a hawk for any other developing symptoms.
The vet didn't help... but what did they utter?

Maybe call another vet?
feed her plain white rice maybe near a bit of chicken broth (low or no sodium) keep her on that until she firms back up. It might take a daylight or two. As long as she is drinking water and eating a bit, she'll be fine. Don't let her step more than 24 hours without drinking. The vet will have to administer liquid under the skin at that point. But the rice diet should work provided there be nothing toxic in the oil.
telephone another vet or take her in yourself
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