What will seven dust do to a small dog i.e. coated everyday within the dust and can the individuals that touch ..?

mom has coated the mutts with seven dust and my eyes are irritated my stomach is upset and having liver problems that hurts too, can the dust do that to populace and what is it doing to the dogs
It's "sev*I*n" & .using a PLANT poison on ANIMALS is pretty blanking INSANE.
Like JA12 (above), I had no idea what 'seven' is and whether you really do mean 'Sevin', it's because the chemical is banned here in the UK.

That within itself should tell you something.

Read up on the Wikipedia entry here

and the hazard data here

Your mom is poisoning the dogs, herself, you and anyone else who comes into contact beside them.

Make her see sense, for all your sakes.
Answers:    It's an insecticide for plants and your lawn! It will can can kill the dog.

No doubt your not feeling in good health. Wash it off the dog and tell your mom to stop using it. There are safe and exceedingly reliable products on the market like Frontline and K9Advantix that can be used to hang on to you dog flea free.

I cant imagine using this on a small dog. Your going to be very lucky if the dog doesn't develop some sympathetic of kidney or liver problem or even develop seizures!

It's poison, your slowly poisoning your dog and you too!
All the problems could terrifically well be caused by the sevin dust. Call poison control and find out. Ask about the dogs too. Sevin dust is not intended to treat dogs for fleas, etc. Is your mom senile or something? Wash that stuff sour of the mutts immediately and hide all the sevin dust from the looney woman!
I had a bag of Sevin a few years ago, and I specifically recall it wise saying it was safe to use on dogs as a flea powder. HOWEVER:
I have looked up the sign online, and see that it currently says NOT to use the product on any live animal. As a flea killer, it is meant to be mixed within water and sprayed on the dogs sleeping area or bedding, and the animal (and people) are not to be back surrounded by the area until the area is dry.
I personally wouldn't want to be petting or holding a dog that it's used on day after day. It is a poison after all.. used to kill ants, fleas etc. You will probably have more luck calling your vet and asking him to explain to your mom that she shouldn't use it on the dogs.
See the first connection below for the label.
You can find many sites where associates extoll the virtues of Sevin as a flea powder.. but the label says No.
Never hear of "seven dust" what is it?
Sevin dust should not be used on pets and it clearly states so in the label. Years ago the product be considered safe for use on pets and labeled as such but the label now states otherwise. It also clearly states contained by should not be used inside the house or on people. I don't know if they have changed something contained by the product in the last several years or just found long possession effects of using the product on pets. I remember as a child my parents using sevin on pets with no problems and those pets (large mixed breeds) lived well into their teens (one to 17) with no problems so my guess would be they hold changes something in the product making it no longer safe. I would guess your mom also remembers sevin self safely used on pets when she was young so didn't bother reading the sticky label on the newer bags. Show her the labeling on the bag or show her where is states it it is not protected for use on pets, people or indoors online under the FAQ section of the sevin site.
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