When can my puppys give at hand mom?? what just about food?

my dog had puppies on nov 8 she had 8 beautiful puppies but one be a still born i was wondering how old they supposed to be when they leave near mom? whats the youngest they can be? i wanna make sure my mom does not get rid of them to soon when can they be introduced to soft dog food? similar to how old are they when there systems can handle it? i am of late getting a lil worried because she is not with them as much as she was before and dose not agree to them eat as much as she did she is a good mom like keeping them verbs and stuff and she feeds them just not as much as they want her to you no? she even kicked them off of her beforehand when they were trying to eat i just want to engineer sure everything is ok is it normal for them to always be hungry? any give support to would be appreciated thanks you and happy holidays!!
well we feed our dachshund puppies mash when they were 3 weeks old.
The mother is weaning her puppies inherently. She know what to do so I would not interfere. Puppies will eat until their tummies explode and the mother knows when to say satisfactory. They are generally 7 to 8 weeks before they are totally weaned off the mother. You can introduce puppy chow (Purina) at that time. Soft food is not the best article for puppies. They will have the teeth for it then also. You sound resembling a good dog owner and care alot...don't worry, mother humour will take its course. Good luck.
The puppies can leave the mom when they are 9 weeks old
You did not say what kind of dog you have. If it is a toy dog, puppies generally stay with mom until at least 12 weeks, sometimes longer, if a ample dog, between 8 to 10 weeks, depending on the breed and the breeder. Some puppies might be ready to leave earlier. Puppies swot a lot from the mother.
First off, don't verbs! Your momma dog kicking the puppies off of her is perfectly normal. I be set to, think about it: If you had eight puppies nursing past its sell-by date of you and whining to you and bothering you all day, you'd get somewhat irritated and need a break from them too. Lol. So this behavior is perfectly normal, particularly with the age the pups are at now.
I recommend starting them off next to soft dog food at about 6 weeks of age. They won't take to it immediately, and that's okay. Just save trying. Also, when you first begin weaning the puppies, mix some cottage cheese in with their softened dog food. This really help.
And as far as when the puppies should leave their mother, it is strictly my opinion that seven to eight weeks or older is a worthy age. Many people let them go around six weeks but this is much to hasty.
Best of luck with your puppies, and happy holidays!
If you have to ask this quiz then listen to what others are saying about the age when they can move but also bring your dog to be spayed so something like this doesn't happen in the adjectives.
Answers:    A responsible breeder never lets the pups will before 8 weeks of age. A responsible breeder studies the nutritional needs of the pups before breeding, and know that at around 5 weeks of age they should be eating soaked dry puppy food of excellent quality, not Ol' Roy crap. They should still get some sucking time beside their mother at this age, but that time will slowly be weaned down by the dam. It is NOT normal for them to always be hungry, so they necessitate supplemental puppy food NOW. Be sure they only go to screen homes where you visit them first to be sure they are potential to care for a puppy properly, and be certain to have contracts stipulating you will lug your puppies back at any time for any reason, like a responsible breeder does. A responsible breeder merely lets their puppies go to a home where on earth the signed contract also stipulates that the pups will be spayed/neutered since they are not show quality.

ADDED: Gads! Purina puppy chow is crap. Try something like Wellness, Innova, or Canidae. NO CORN in the ingredients. Think in the region of it.what does corn look like after you poop it out? There's no nutritional value in corn for a dog.
The minimum is 8 weeks.
8 weeks old is the minimum. at about 3- 4 weeks make available them dry puppy chow soaked in puppy formula in addition to allowing them to nurse. they should be fully weaned by 6 weeks. at this stage they put away often because their stomachs are small and can only hold a small amount of food at a time.
they want to be about 8 weeks old to leave her. youngest is 7 weeks dated. she is trying to wien them right now because they are getting the age where they can start soft food. my dog and puppies in februaury and they started to wien at in the region of 6 weeks old. and yes they always were hungry. lol. but your puppies nouns very heathy right now. don't worry nearly the mother starting to ignore them because she is trying to get them to stop needign here all the time. here are probably about ready to try soft food. actually you could try very soon. it won't be long till they don't need their mother at all .
That's her way of weanning them. Usually they are ready to go at 6 weeks. At 4 weeks you can put some drizzling puppy chow in with them to start eating solid food.
I got my puppy at 5 weeks frail it all depends on when she is ready to be done feeding them. I own been feeding mine Purina puppy chow with rather warm water over it some would say specifically bad for them but he is gaining weight. right luck sweetie
If they are large or medium breed puppies, they can move about to new homes at 8 weeks - not before. In some places, this is the law. For small breed puppies, 12 weeks is best.

You dog is acting typically -it's her way of making them more independent. You can start to try and feed them a little softened puppy food and see whether they are willing to take that. If they are, great, if not, try again surrounded by a few days.
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