When I hit my dog -- he pees -- is this regular?

You know my dog sometimes pees after a traumatic experience. However what I think you are seeing is submissive peeing.
Yes, perfectly normal canine behavior: You escalated beyond the dominance moves he understand, so he is peeing to wet himself so you won't eviscerate him! This is hard-wired behavior that (usually) saves puppies from being kill by adult dogs.

Hitting him might make you feel better, but it can simply damage your dog physically and psychologically. If you are hitting to extinguish bad behavior, then you are doing channel too much. Dogs are masters of non-verbal communication. Just scolding him should get the response you want. Look for a lowered head, averted gaze, and blinking eyes. You should never hold to go beyond a harsh tone of voice and tapping him on the snout beside a rolled up newspaper to let him know you demand a switch in his behavior. But you have to do this immediately when he does something doomed to failure: He can't make the connection between a behavior and a punishment if more than a few second have passed.

If you are hitting him because he is aggressive, then try this instead: Make him lie on his wager on, grab him by the ruff of the neck, and growl at him while you shake his neck ruff. If he struggles, you can also deeply lightly pinch his belly. When he stops struggling and lays quietly, he is maxim that you are the "top dog". Release him but do not pet or praise him, else he will learn this is a game. You can repeat this several times per daylight and he will quickly learn his place in the pack ranking. I have done this to some dogs a single time and they never needed it again!

Of course you need to balance adjectives of this with affection, play, and regular feeding. Otherwise your dog won't see you as a worthy pack leader, but fairly as a mean person he should avoid.
First of all your dog is probably peeing because he is alarmed and you hurt him i dont know why you would want to hit your dog in the first place thats animal abuse and you can go to incarcerate for it and you very well should. theres nothing a dog can do so doomed to failure it deserves to be hit i should hit till you till you piss your pants how would you like that? you dont deserve a dog or any pet if your goin to treat it close to that.
What a weak bully you are to hit a defenceless dog. Go find someone your own size to hit. You'll get one contained by return and see if you pee yourself.
Your dog is normal - you are not. You don't have the intelligence to own a dog.

Your dog is unnerved of you and no wonder.
Rehome this dog or take it to a rescue group or a no kill shelter. Your dog will find a better owner than you. He couldn't find a worse one.
If I were to hit you , you would crap in your pants. don't hit your dog.
Did you hit him really hard? Why are you hitting him? Well, if it's for training, you can only hit him weakly not too hard. But from your question, I think you hit him really tough to make him scared enough to pee. I enjoy a puppy currently and I'm practicing non violence training. I know many people chose defeat as part of training but its the most ineffective way of training, believe me. I never hit her unless she stayed really stubborn and even then, I solitary hit her lightly or a little harder till she get the message and stopped her wrong doing. Usually a shout and a firm 'No' will do. Training a dog need a good deal of moderation. If you have none, then its best not to keep one. In my feelings, people who don't have patience surrounded by training a dog or even a child should never have one. I detest beating as part of training. Its unsavoury both physically and psychologically.
Answers:    He is frightened. Yes it is normal. Please don't hit your dog.
Stop hitting him.
you are terrorizing the poor dog.
People similar to you shouldn't own a dog, poor thing.

your dog would give his life to protect you, and this is how you treat him?
grow up.
You should be ashamed of yourself, for hitting your dog. Hitting a dog is Abuse and does not solve a thing. The dog doesn't learn anything from it, but to fear you! Your dog is peeing out of the creeps of you! How would you like to be hit, everytime you do something wrong? Dogs live in the moment, and if your dog does something you don't resembling and you don't catch him when he's doing it, he won't have the slightest clue, why you are mad at him, or why he is self hit. Stop Hitting the poor dog! If you don't know how to train your dog, then take him to a trainer who will properly, without hitting him, train him properly. Never, ever, lower than any circumstances, hit your dog! Maybe you should consider, giving your dog to someone, that will show it love, properly train it and properly care for it, since you are obviously incapable of doing so! Animal Abusers make my skin crawl!
You hitting your dog is animal abuse
If your neighbour or anyone saw you you could get charged next to animal abuse.
It's called submissive peeing and I know a really simple cure for it - don't hit the dog!
WHY are you hitting it? NEVER hit pets or children.

Shame on you...give the pet absent...to someone who cares and knows how to take diligence of an animal.

It shouldn't be because hitting your dog should not be a normal thing that happen.

Peeing is quite normal. Hitting a dog most undeniably isn't. All I can say.
if i hit u will u pee? Jerk don't hit your dog! u disgust me
I wonder if I hit you if you will pee?

You are a bad human being.
Yes..and what you judge a dog would feel after a maltreatment?

Peeing is just the dog's bodily process occuring due to the effect of scare, in short -- QUICK RESPONSE OF FEAR

Why are you hitting your dog? He is definitely peeing out of fear. Wouldn't you?
you suck!
it maybe is from hes shock of you hitting him
Yup, your dog is submissively peeing, which is a huge gesture of, "I administer in, please don't hurt me, I mean no harm!" If you hit your dog, your dog will never respect you, but merely fear you. Please stop hitting your dog. What would bring you to hit your dog? You can't hurt the dog just because the dog doesn't understand something you want them to do, or not to do. It's an entirely different species, and you stipulation to "teach" them how to do things. Hitting a dog is counter productive, and you are doing a disservice to your dog.
It is fine for him to pee when you hit him. Also without fault normal.

It is not fine for you to hit him so hard he does pee. This is not normal.
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