When to provide first puppy shots, cost, can I bequeath them myself, where on earth to carry stuff for shots?

My sweet little pomeranian just had six puppies. I want to know when they need their first shots and whether this is something I can do myself. I know how to give injections as I give them to myself on a regular basis. I also would similar to a ballpark figure on cost and where to buy supplies for regular injections for dogs. I am planning to do some breeding on a small basis. Any pointers from others will be greatly appreciated.
In Australia we have need of a licensed veterinarian to give the shots to the pups. Vaccination certificates can only be signed by a vet.
You want to check out what the procedure is in your area.
Giving an animal a shot is not going to be the same as giving yourself a shot. Yes, you can give them their puppy vaccination, but I would advise you to speak to your veterinarian first about what you are wanting to do. He/she can show you how to properly administer the vaccinations, where on earth to buy them, when to give them, and what paperwork you will need for the pups. Keep in intellect even if you plan to give the shots yourself, they should still be seen by a vet for a strength check.
Answers:    Ask your breeding mentor or your vet. The pups should hold been in to see the vet within the first 24 hours. You can also ask the other breeders you enjoy met in the show ring as the laws very from state to state. You are showing your dog right because I disgust BYB who care nothing for their dog and only want to sort money on the poor pet quality dog.
first congratulations how fun.
4 to 6 weeks for first shots.
depends on the vet some do it as early as 4 weeks I feel 6 is best
then you can administer it two more times after this but really all they need is their first set dogs are being over vacinated at the moment and this is what is causing all the problems with them. particularly the older dogs.
yes you can do it yourself IFA, or you can google where to buy puppy shots. I don't do the puppy shots myself I use what is called colloidal silver it does not enjoy the side affects that shots do and it does the same thing it can be found at health stores. pious luck
ok to start off the need provo distemper and they need worming. you can buy it at the cattle farm supplies places. its call 7 way shots for puppies.you need to donate it at 6 wks. 8 wks. 12 wks there are three different times to give it. the needles come with it and it will cost just about 5dollars.
Only a vet near your dog's complete medical history can determine which vaccines should be given and when they'll be most effective. In general, however, shots initiate when your dog is 4 to 6 weeks old and will continue until she's more than 16 weeks of age. Many of the most important vaccines can be given together, surrounded by what's often called the DHLPP vaccine. Some, like leptospirosis and rabies, require annual boosters that will be a routine factor of a checkup.

Check this out.

Usually they need their first set at 8 weeks, second set at 12 weeks and third set at 16 weeks. This is the all contained by one type shots for parvo, distemper, etc.. They also need their rabies shot at 16 weeks. Then they need no more shots for a year. I give my dogs the injections myself (rabies can lone be given by a professional) and I buy them at a feed (farm) store. They cost about $10 each here. The puppies also necessitate to be wormed shortly after birth. That is something that most puppies get and it can kill them if not taken thinking of. You can also get this at a feed store as well. You requirement to check your local area to see if it is permitted for you to give the injections yourself. You also entail to keep detailed receipts if you do decide to do this yourself so that the alien owners of the animals will know for sure what has been given and when. I would re-think the breeding. There are too several animals in this world as is and I hate the thought that the more people that are breeding are totalling to the numbers of dogs that get euthanized every day. Good luck! I have a 5 year weak Pom mix that i cherish!
at 8 weeks they need their first shots(not the rabies shot)
in some states, you can buy dog vaccines,while in some states you can not.
i see this trailer a lot:1-8OO-pet-meds.
i think they will ship it to you.ask for syringes too(for the vaccines)
if the pups are still near you at 12-14weeks,they need their second shot too!About a month later:a third shot!
Wow, 6 puppies sounds like its going to be expensive! You might want to check with your local animal shelter to see if they can do that for you for free or at a cheaper price than a veterinarian. I know that copious no-kill shelters will do this for pet owners who cannot afford taking their animals to a vet.

Also, call around your local vets and get a orb park estimate, and it probably wouldn't hurt to ask if you could give them the medications yourself; however, I do not reflect that this is something that the vets will permit because there is a opportunity that they would be liable if one of the puppies ended up ill. I know that some types of wormers can be taknd in words, so there might be a possibility that you could do that at home.
Take them to the Vet, lets be natural here.

Breeding dogs is very expensive if done properly, I suggest..judge by your question alone, that you don't continue to breed your sweet little doggies.
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