White moving worms contained by my dogs butt.?

I just took off two small moving worms off my rat terriers butt, they be small and moving, looked like grains of rice, do I need to see a vet or can I a moment ago buy some tablets at walmart?
You can buy over the counter wormers, but personally I prefer to get them from my vet so I get hold of the right dose, and they work!
It sounds like they were just pin worms, but that also ability there is more of them.
You can fix this by either going to the vet and getting wormer, or getting otc wormer from walmart or a pet store, liquid seem to be the fastest.
These worms arnt as threating as others, they are common are are easily gotten rid of, but you might want to take your dog to the vet eventually afterwards a moment ago to make sure all is clear.
Dont verbs tape worms are much longer and heart worms are in the heart, pin worms are the tiney ones your seeing.
You may also want to get checked out yourself because pinworms can be transferred to humans, and regularly are in the South.
go to the vet. you aren't educated enough to de-worm a dog, and those OTC things are crap. go on Monday.
Your dog has tapeworms. The rice looking worms are pieces of the worm breaking off from the prime worm still in his system. I'd go to a vet for proper dosage. It's much more effective and he can also check for heartworms in that too, just to be on the safe side.

Good luck!
Just just about every dog on the planet is infested with worms to some degree. Fortunately, almost adjectives worms can be detected by a vet and treated with medication.
try this article i read.
Tapeworm, see a vet. Over the counter stuff doesn't work on them. No big deal. One pill should do it, and you should treat for fleas while you're at it, with stuff from the vet too.
Answers:    Ah Tapeworms , they are nasty looking things aren't they. If you are seeing them actually at the rectum then here is a bad case of them,as if it be a light case you would only see them on his bowel movements. Your vet have the safest and best product for tapeworms and some will sell it to you if you just ask others may want to see the dog (they can variety more money by charging an office visit and fecal). Either way your dog requirements to be treated.
You should definitely take your dog to the vet as soon as possible. If you're within America there is likely a veterinarian in Petsmart or some similar place next to a vet on Sunday. Go today.
You can buy a quality wormer at your local co-op, but as an above poster noted, whether he has tapeworm a standard wormer will not kill them. You will need a pill from the vet for that. It's not overly expensive. The OTC wormer will cost you approximately 15 bucks, and the vets pill around 30.

Good luck!
The wormers (a) walmart are a wast of $ go to the vet and get a full spectrum wormer.
should see a vet sounds like he has heart worm (it's able to murder him) go to the vet dependent on how bad the case is they will speak about you how bad your dog is infected.
You can buy dog dewormer at Walmart. Make sure and hang on to your hands clean until you have dewormed him as you can take worms from him. Just follow the directions on the box and he will be okay.
You should take your dog to the vet, a short time ago in case. Because there are severely types of worms (hookworm,roundworm,whipworm,flea tapeworm,hydatid tapeworm etc. Severe infections can be vicious.

Adult dogs need to be wormed every 3months (tablet)
Did they taste like rice? The vet will want to know,
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