Why are my dog's nipples swollen?

My bichon frise's nipples are swollen.. it looks like there could be milk in them, but she can't be pregnant because adjectives of the other dogs i have are bigger dogs (lab,husky) and well idk.. i suqeezed them and clear stuff came out (doesn't smell and isnt gooey or anything) one of them if truth be told was a little yellow and gooeyish. i dont know why.. could this be an infection or something? PLEASE ANSWER!!

***thanks within advance
dogs are sneaky she could defienity be pregnant. It might not have been your husky but it coud've been a neighborhood dog. Take her to a vet to find out. She's probably pregnant but she may also enjoy a breast infection. Take her to a vet immediatly.
Answers:    The other dogs being bigger means nil, they can still mate her. And jus because you haven't seen them doesn't mean they haven't.

Fact of the matter is, whether you've got an entire ** in a house with entire males, she WILL cease up pregnant. The only thing you can do about it is to spay her - and you want to, believe me, and not freshly because of the pregnancy risk. Keeping her unspayed puts her at serious risk of pyometra and mammary cancer - both of these are fatal if left untreated and both require spaying to treat, so carry it done NOW rather than when she's older and ill.

Do not tolerate her have a litter. You've demonstrated you don't know about dog breeding, so please see a vet ASAP to see what is wrong with her and to book her contained by for spaying asap.

Even if she was pregnant she woundn't produce milk until after the delivery so we can rule that out.

I would ring your vet to see.
She may not actually BE pregnant--She could be suffering from a false pregnancy.
Could also be Mastitis (An infection of the breast)
and It doesn't matter the size of the dogs--They'll find a way to seize to what they want.
u already asked this and ur wrong- shes preggo
make her pee on a stick
I like the personality of a bichon frise. They are so sweet.
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