Why did my dog pee on me?

I was sleeping and my 1 year old dog jumped on the bed and peed on me. what would be the best path to reprimand him if it happens again. He is outside trained also.
cuz he did and looked-for to find his territory
oh geez.. totally been in that! or having a dog pee on your bed.. or pillow... yes fully trained dog... its soo weird... but i know why!

they are marking their domain...

its due to jealousy...

new pet? new babe? new girlfriend? new friend over alot?

Something must have changed.

fix it by doing domination technique... staring at the dog in a serious matter up close until he looks away... putting the dog on its put money on and also doing the same staring treatment... also touching/holding the dogs neck and staring.. this will help him think through you are alfa.

If you catch the dog, in the act... Scold him and bring him external.
and no attention for 20 mins.

attention is praise... no attention is punishent...

good luck!
He was so excited to see you that he peed everywhere. (Yeah... that's honeslty my answer... and it is correct.) It's only a phase. He'll grow out of it because he'll other see you constantly.
its a territory point! when you have a dog that is with u most of the time after they will pee on you to mark you as there property!! its gross...but hey look on the bright side it means he really really like you!! :]
honestly when a dog acts like that hes upset with u for something, or hes infantile and hes marking his territory lol but what kind of dog is he?
He was just saying that he loves you sooooo much that he have to make sure everyone knew you be his! (Or maybe he was just trying to inform you he needed to go out and had an accident when he jump up on you)
because he cant hold his bladder
he probably considered necessary to go outside to pee but couldn't hold it when he jumped on you to capture your attention
Answers:    He could own wanted you to play and just gotten excited. Or he could have have to pee, was trying to get your attention and couldn't hold it any longer.

Just tell him no and hold him outside. It probably won't happen again.
he required to go out and pee but he cant hold it. so he peed on you
either he's pissed(mild pun intended) at you. or he likes you so much he wants you adjectives to himself and just marked his territory on you(he owns you).
Pee on him and see how he likes it
Dogs, when trained for any routine thing commonly associate smells to actions they will perform, a distinct possibility is you have a scent on you that gave your dog the "Pee here" signal.

Other than that, it may be your dogs way of recounting you he needed to go, and you weren't paying attention (asleep).
pee on him see how he feels
You look like a fire hydrant.
Pee on him.
ahahahahahaha oh my goodness I can't stop laughing
He wants you to be his.
maybe he was trying to blotch you as his own?
he's acting approaching R.Kelly, and your the underaged girl.
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