Why did my dog poop on the sofa?

OK. So I have a miniature schnauzer puppy (almost 7 months old now) and have have her since she was just under 4 months. She is house trained (we crate trained) and initially we kept her within her crate while we were away at work. Then slowly as she got elder and wasn't having accidents while supervised, we would let her out (downstairs solitary where there is hardwoods and no carpet) for short amounts of time to test her. A upright example would be for a trip to the grocery store or gym. She did well, no accidents and no destructive behavior. So, we then started departing her for the day, and again rarely an accident (although occasionally she might pee on the floor, but not at adjectives frequently) and only once did she chew anything, and that happened when I had be out of town for a week and my fiance was alone with her. She is definitely my dog, and I focus my absence may have had something to do next to that incident, but who knows...

Anyway, on to the problem at hand...this morning after she was tolerate out and fed (same routine as every other morning, except today my fiance took her external to go to the bathroom rather than me doing it because I was running late), he moved out for the gym, leaving the dog out, and when he returned, she had pooped on the couch. She typically is home all day, so the three hours that have passed since her last bathroom break, should not be an issue. Also, my fiance said she did poop outside this morning when she went out.

So after providing the context, my solid question is why might she have done this and what should I do. My fiance likes the dog, but he is by no manner a dog person, and this incident I can tell has really soured him to the dog. He doesn't want to will her out anymore when we are not with her, and he doesn't want her to be allowed on the couch AT ALL anymore, both of which I can understand...but I abominate to have her in a crate for 8 hours everyday, and just cannot become conscious why, all of a sudden, she would do this after being so good.

Also, one ultimate detail, I did ask if maybe she was sick, and he told me no, that her poop wasn't at adjectives runny as if she got sick suddenly...
It could enjoy been due to separation anxiety or anxiety in general. Some dogs grasp really attached to their routine - perhaps the fact that your boyfriend took her out instead of you really upset her. Have you seen any signs of anxiety previously this?

An option to consider if anxiety is at fault is a pheromone diffuser or collar. Some population have no response with these, but I've heard of other ethnic group that have had fabulous success. If you try one, save in mind that it may take 2 weeks to show any signs of usefulness. Jefferspet.com has the best price available on pheromone collars.

I understand how you feel going on for not wanting to crate the dog if it's not necessary. Could you move the crate so that the dog would be able to see out a windowpane? My dog just sits in the window adjectives day when I'm at work, so, whether or not he's in a crate doesn't bother him - he has one and the same view either way.
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did she poop within the spot your fiance usually sits, maybe she didn't want him to let her out so she be upset. or maybe she was marking the sofa as hers, I think they usually pee to do that but who knows. I wouldn't catch too concerned over one time, if it happens again defiantly
stop allowing her on the furniture. I can see why you fiance is upset, he will probably cool down surrounded by a few days. Make sure you use an enzyme cleaner on the couch so that she wont smell it and do it again. good luck
It's hard to say since this be a one time thing so far, but she could have just be mad about something.

We just get a rabbit a couple months ago and one day I was paying attention to the rabbit and petting him and one of my dogs contracted to poop on the floor right in front of me. She knows better- she's 10, and housebroken, so I knew right rotten that she was jealous.

If your fiance doesn't want her out anymore while you're not home, is nearby a doggie safe room that you can keep her in? Put gate up or something? When my two girls were younger and could not be trusted to have the run of the house when we weren't there, they be gated in the kitchen because that was the room where they could incentive the least damage should they decide to be mischievous.
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