Why do dog rub near butt against the rug?

Sounds funny and i ask my parents but they made fun of it and said cuz his *** itches lol but i heard that there could be something wrong with them whether they do this.
It could be a sign of worms.
Dogs have scent glands on either side of their anus. When a dog poops, the scent glands empty (why dogs love sniffing other dogs crap). Sometimes, particularly in small dogs, the glands do not empty as they're supposed to and need to be manually expressed. When a dog scoots, it is normally trying to empty these glands. If it scoots more than a few times, take it to the vet and ask them to express its anal glands. If this is the problem, and you do not get it address, the glands could get infected and require surgery. Look at its behind, if it seem swollen or inflamed, you need to take your dog to the vet.
It could mean they own worms I suppose, but it doesn't necessarily mean that. Could just be scratching. If your dog does it frequently I'd be more concerned...my dog does it pretty once in a while
This can be from impacted anal gland, fecal material that get stuck in the sphincter, or even hair that is to some extent in his rectum and partly outside, so simply any number of things. Most common is the anal glands however. If those get blocked, they can abscess and rupture and require surgery to repair.
i was always told that it intended that they have worms
Yes. This is a known condition that is too disgusting to mention or discuss. Take your dog to the vet right away.
Answers:    My dog did this, it is because there glands in the bum are full and are cause pressure... they drag there but across the floor to try and releive the pressure, take him to the vet and get him/her to deflate the glands ( they generally squeeze them)

but you should get him looked at although it may be funny as it is very uncomfortable for them .. best of luck next to your itchy friend
their anal glands need to be popped. u could bring the dog in to the groomer but its way cheaper to simply let them just do it themselves by rubbing their bums on the floor
They own impacted anal glands and thats how they try to remedy it. Technically your parents are right lol
Your dog needs to get his anal glands expressed
Dogs rub there rear(butts) against the rug generally because they're infested with worms or other parasites. You might need to bring back your dog checked for worms at your local vet.
Just a scratching...
Doggy has worms, bring him to the vet.
there is a opportunity that ur dog has a tape worm or somekinda other worms in their body that itches them and eat up the nutrients that comes from whatever that eats them. plz bring ur dog to vet to get the worm check up.
but sometimes, dogs to that because after they pooped, in attendance is still some poop around the butt hole... but i would get a vet check up :]
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