Why do my Jack Russell Terrier's ears itch?

This only happens at night. She never scratch them during the day just at night. I a short time ago wounder if this is normal or not. She also cry for attention. Her nickname is crybaby because of that judgment. Any how How I do I get her to quit or better yet is she doing it for attention?
Take your dog to the vet and hold his ears checked. He may have an ear infection.
Look into her ears, do you see brown gunk? Yeast infection or mites is likely the culprit.
She needs drops asap, chronic ear infections can front to deafness from the bacteria and also the excessive scratching which could burst a drum.

there could be infection even whether you see nothing
She is scratching more at night because she is smaller amount distracted and not moving so much therefore she can feel the itch more.
Answers:    If she scratches her ears regularly, even if it is just at night, she might hold an ear infection, allergies or mites. Check her ears and make a vet appointment. Better safe than sorry..

Sounds like she freshly wants attention. :)
She might have ear mites. They are not singular among dogs. You can grab a ball of cotton wool, dampen it and try and verbs her ears out that way. I suggest taking her to the vet if you are concerned. Especially whether there is redness or swelling..
She could quite possibly own ear mites, causing the irritation and the need for her to itch. Take a close look. If you can not find anything, there is other the option of taking that trip to the vet.

Crying is often a sign of attention. However, it could be the itch of whatever is within her ear. Just try not to give her the attention when she cries as it only supports her more. She sounds as if she is within pain and needs to be looked at.
Take her to vet either ear mites or infection would be the ONLY reason a dog would cry and scratch ears.
You seem to reason this is behavioural and it might be but befor you go down a behavioural route for any problem a dog needs a full vet check to rule out medical possibilities. So as has already be said you need to get her booked in at the vet.
She might have ear mites. Have her vet checked.
Does she have toys to play beside? She needs something to occupy her time.
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