Why do culture disgust Chihuahuas?

Well, sure, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I just want to know why some ancestors feel this way.

Some people chew over a Golden Retriever is more appropriate for children then a Chihuahua but I think that is wrong. Big dogs hold bigger chances of biting, and they are so hard to control on a leash, while Chis are cute, innocent, kindly, loving creatures, who are not yappy at all. I'm sure dogs bark once contained by a while but "yappy" is not a way to describe a Chi!

I will soon be getting a Chi...nothing will change my intellect. But I was just so curious as to why some people hatred this breed of dog?
they can be mean
I have nought against chihuahuas! They are great, only if trained well though.

However... bigger dogs generally don't bite as much as smaller dogs, only due to the massive inbreeding that is being done to Chihuahuas :( They are fitting more and more in-balanced, which leads to aggression problems later on. I suggest it's horrible!

Also, chihuahuas do tend to bite... they are actually one of the most vicious dog breeds. They are very easy to upset, they are reasonably nippy, but that's usually due to owners being negligent within their training. Good luck.
I don't precisely hate them. I've had a bad experience beside them though. I was 6 and my aunt's 2 chihuahuas bit me and broke the skin. But I don't blame them, they had never been socialized near kids so I guess it's not their fault.

Generally speaking I have nothing against them.

I guess some race just have different preferences.

Good luck with your alien chihuahua!
Some people like large breed dogs, some lately like small breed dogs. You dont have to care other relatives think because you are the one to get the dog and take prudence of it. Just make sure you will be a good owner and you can provide the dog forever sweet domestic. =] That is the most important thing. People love large breed dogs, however, some inhabitants don't even know how to teach a big dog and push all the faults on the dog. Well, they a short time ago didn't do enough homework/research before getting a big dog. Well, i hope you have done homework and approved chi is the best for you. Anyway Chi is cute and people should change the way they feel Chi coz diff dogs have diff personalities.
Answers:    They're yappy little spoiled creatures which aren't dogs. They're rats. There, I said it. I feel better now.
I personally don't close to them because they are small, and fragile. Their size tends to make their owners think they don't stipulation to be trained--that they are dolls, not dogs. They don't make good dogs for children/with children since they *are* so fragile.

Any untrained dog has the potential to bite, or to be not easy to control. It's not limited to any group, size, or breed.

I don't hate personal *dogs*. There are breeds that aren't for me, and breeds I don't support, but it's all up to the owner. Make certain you have a well-trained little dog, and it's fine by me.
because they can become very mean and snap. They are very dependent dogs and they usually do yap a lot.
I hate chihuahuas because they are mean,yappy little dogs.

Actually little dogs are more prone to biting afterwards a big dog is. Not all big dogs are hard to control on the leash if you train them correctly.

IMO Chihuahuas are bizarre,yappy and I wouldn't get one if I had to.

I love big dogs!
I enjoy 2 big dogs Dakota and Duke a Rottie/GSD/husky mix and a Labrador/Rottie mix!

resourcefully i like them but.
Mom- small evil nippers
Gmama-friend has one and bites everything
Friend-read somewhere that they were silly bite and bark non-stop
Now any dog bad dog will do this a suitable dog will love when other people love it make sure it does not gain "small dog syndrome" like jumping on your lap short saying its okay it is alright for a great Dane to just jump up on you little things approaching this will get you a bad dog treat it like a big one apart from let it come up by saying "up" or something and don't forget to socialize and give lots of love
You might as well procure a rat. lol.
They look like over-sized rats with big ears, and are very yappy gross dogs.
I'd never EVER own something so disgusting, and horrible AND niggardly.

With the right training a big is the best pet ever. I have a Newf and a Corgi mix if I had too choose one of them I'd choose the Newf anyday. The corgi is evil, loves nip things and ankles and is terrible on the lead.
I looked after two debarked bichons, but they still managed too annoy me ALOT. >:(
they are a nasty ankle biters
Personally I love them. They are small and cute to play or cuddle with. Some people hate them because they yap or "yap" but they are a perfect alarm system! They also can be mean or protective but thats only whether they are raised in a bad environment! Don't tolerate ANYONE change your mind about getting a chihuahua!
They suck.
They Yap
They Bite
They are exceptionally rude
Some people don't like little dogs
They are instigators
They don't house train tremendously well

I love them :-)
I'm sorry the breed tend to be aggressive and not good with children. They have more drift to bite albeit a smaller bite than some other dogs. And come on Chi's bark like mad don't sugar coat it.

Where on earth did you find the idea that some people hate Chihuahuas? Besides it's adjectives personal taste.

Actually it is not true that big dogs have bigger chances of biting. The dachshund is one of the worst offender in that department, as is the Cocker Spaniel.

And you're right, Chihuahuas usually aren't yappy. Especially compared to other toy breeds such as Pomeranians and Papillons.
Chihuahuas are hyper
as big dogs are more tame and good around kids and associates
I have hated Chihuahuas for my entire life. When i be 5 years old, my cousins bought two Chihahuas. One of them is the meanest dog i have ever seen. I hold known it for 14 years and it has always detested people. It barks for hours and bites everyone. You will try to walk through the kitchen and it will try biting your toes. This is my personal common sense for hating them, others may just dislike their helpless look.. you would have to look at the reason people buy dogs. Protection? Companionship? Also depends on the person.
because they are nasty little rats and hold more of a chance biting than a bigger dog.
A lot of people don't like small dogs. I'm markedly not one of those people I love all dogs. Plus Chis have a reputation for mortal overly spoiled which can lead to bad behavior and overall nastiness.
their barking is horribly high pitched and anoying but they are cute
ok chihuahuas are so freakin cute... did u see beverly hills chihuahua? o and i think they are massively nice
because they are Yappy...
I like chi's but due to the owners spoiling they can become, snappy and suspicious of strangers.
If raised properly they can be loving dogs.
The plea they are not good for small children is mostly because of their size. They can easily be hurt unintentially by small children or snap at them because they get panicky by them. Not because they are bad dogs.
I suggest they're cute. but people probably don't like them because they yip alot
I don't think that people necessarily hate them, but they do tend to be noisier dogs. I do know some nation who have chis and children -- the dogs can be very protective of their families. This can be a nice characteristic, but I can also say that chis can be a bit "mouthy" -- I was bitten on the thumb by one once (it was mortal protective of it's kids, who I was babysitting). So, I don't think of them as exactly "innocent" or totally protected either.
As with any dog, you should supervise it closely when it is with children. Enjoy your trial dog!
Some culture don't like them because the only ones they ever met were expect.

Chihuahuas can be really mean little dogs if not socialised right. They also like to yelp at everything.

These people only meet the fruitless ones. A good Chihuahua that was raised right near good owners can be a great little dog. BUT sadly many race think because it is a small dog they don't need to train it or work with it as much. SO these untrained unsocialised dogs become heartless little nippers. I have seen it a 1000 times.

One of my dogs is a Pom / Chihuahua mix. He can be a jerk to associates he does not know. They are not always good with strangers.
I love chis!! I hold one shes so freaken adorable =D shes long haired and i love her shes always been there for me since I be a little girl =D




isnt she cute =D
oh i love love chihuahua's in attendance so cute iv had 3. 2 when i lived with mum and one of my own but shes a mix is a pomcha pomeranian cross chihuahua. shes so beautiful.
chihuahua's are so affectionate my dog can relate when im sad or happy. they love to get close to you mine sleeps surrounded by my bed with her head on the pillow next to me. her pet name is fifi and she is the best dog iv ever had she doesnt bark only when relatives drive past. she doesnt eat much shes great. shes toilet trained. you say the work toily and she runs to the door so swift and you open the door and she goes straight away. i love chihuahas you can recount cos there so beautiful.
so all the chihuahuah haters, you cant aversion because you have never had one.
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