Why do somany puppies die when thy are born?

Maybe because of irresponsible breeders( BYB'S).

I don't know about copious dieing, especially if the mother is taken care of properly.
Common reason for puppies dieing are:
the elements, majority of puppies that die are born outside
strangulation, umbilical cord gets rapped around the nouns
poor diet, if the mother isn't healthy, the pups wont be healthy
mother doesn't strictness for the puppies, rarely happens, but when it does, a few pups usually die

irresponsible breeders?
sometimes its natures way of weeding out the shaky and sickly ones..
or something occured during the birth with the mother...as in it took too long to exit through the birth canal or the mother didnt know how to properly chew the umbilical cord or cut the sac surrounding the puppy
Responsible breeders don't lose very many puppies. They can die for several reason... cleft palate, not kept in a warm place free of drafts, ect
Sometimes they have a physical impairment; close to their stomach isn't connected right or the intestines are twisted or the lungs are not developed enough to get enough oxygen.
They are born unhealty. Some with out lungs. Some with out
proper heart etc
puppies have to compete with siblings for food so whether one is smaller it will be harder for them to get food so they will die.
Because near are so many irresponsible backyard breeders that don't know what they are doing and don't care. They just breed for additional cash.
all those answers are goog theres also a disease call parvo something like that i dont know the spelling but it is like 90% fatal and kill within 3 days
That adjectives depends. Hopefully, the breeder has done his research and knows exactly what he is doing. A vet should be on call upon, the supplies should be ready, and the breeder should be prepared for anything. If all this is done, puppy deaths should be irregular.

But there are various reasons puppies may die. Some dogs own very large litters and a puppy or two may be stillborn. But experience people who know what they're doing probably on the odd occasion lose puppies.
because there is runts who do't get enuf nutrition and die

sadly :(
? What??

I don't expect to hold "many" if ANY pups die while whelping or shortly after!

But then, I am a responsible breeder so that might be the difference.
Undergrowth nouns maybe...
Answers:    Sometimes they just don't get the care they have need of, or they're too weak, but it's okay if they won't live because if every puppy lived we'd be severely inundated beside puppies and they'd have to call FEMA.
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