Why does dog food contain CORN when the manufacturer KNOW dog's cant digest corn?

a few "top" dog food brands have corn in them. On the bag it states that same they adjectives say, "It's the best for your dog" What's the best? Adding CORN as a temporary filler so the dog gets full later poops it back out and gains no nutrients from the food?
top to whom? walmart? meijer? albertsons?
brands like beneful/purina, and iams, and science diet?
these arn't top brands. these are brands with pretty packages for idiots who own pets and don't really caution about them. so they can feed them things that look like gosh darn legitimate people food aw omg so cute! most people don't think twice roughly what they feed their dogs, so companies like that don't have to reply to it.
people who do care avoid those brands all together and would never consider them the "top" of anything.
People don't digest corn well any. It's used primarily as a filler - the dog feels full. It doesn't generally hurt them. And by top dog food brands, I assume you mean best seller (to answer another "answerer's" question) - and that's true - they mostly do have corn as their primary ingredient. It's common - because it's incredibly cheap (don't get me going on the corn subsidies within this country!), and it's not particularly bad for the dog - but it's not good any. What it should be telling you is always check the label - and revise to read them. And that's good general advice - not in recent times dog food.
To screw with them!!
Why do you think? Because corn is cheaper than real meat and most people are too apathetic to read the ingredients in the food they feed their dogs.

By the way "top brands" enjoy meat as the first ingredient, and no corn. It's supermarket dry that's mostly corn meal - all junk. Science Diet is basically as bad and unfortunately, lots of vets convey it because they get paid to.
There are plenty of good dry kibbles on the open market, you buy them in big pet stores or feed stores like Ranch Hand.
I nurture all my dogs Canidae, they do very well on that.
Answers:    The dog food industry actually started as a profitable instrument of getting rid of a bumper wheat crop. Pet foods were made with whatever be left over or not fit for human consumption and that line of thinking is the same nowadays as it was then. The major dog food companies are for their bottom line- Most of them are owned by human food companies and it of late makes sense to send all their biproducts and excess small piece to the pet food plant. For example, Purina and Nutro are owned by Nestle, and Iams and Eukenuba are owned by Proctor and Gamble.

Additionally, companies like Hills (Science Diet) have invaded vet schools by any sponsoring the student's only nutrition class (gee, I wonder what those vet students learn- that the ingredients in Science diet are bad- I have a sneaking suspicion that not) OR - they pay for a vet student's education in exchange that upon graduation, the vet recommend their pet food for 10 years- not to mention the trips to Hawaii they offer vets if they supply a certain amount of food.

So the answer to your question is that corn has be pretty cheap (except very recently), it provides a lot of cheap protein for dogs when compared to animal-based sources of protein and since feeding studies never hold to go beyond three years or even compare different foods to each other. The only research individual done is funded by the pet food companies themselves and all they care about is that the dogs are strong enough to call the food "good plenty not to cause noticible short-term health issues" not "what are the most nutritious ingredients that we can pack into this dog food"
Because they aren't concerned about the animal, but the profit.

The same occurs with copious animal products. I once contacted a manufacturer of iguana pellets about the ingredients and directions, and got the response of "It doesn't really matter what's good or not so flawless, so long as there's the right picture on the package, people will buy it." Which is, unfortunately, exceedingly true.
Corn is a much cheaper commodity to buy that top level protein. And what about chicken byproducts (feathers,feet,beaks,guts)? These items up the protein content, but aren't within a usable form for the dog. I don't find any need to feed any fillers to my dogs. They eat meat and vegetables and are the picture of accurate health(according to my vet).
I know, I so agree with you, it's horrible. Corn is freshly a cheap filler. Many people think corn is healthy and infer that what is healthy for us must be healthy for dog's. I especially resembling Beneful's ad on t.v. when it actually advertises corn, trying to put together it look healthy. Like seriously if you want your dog to have for a moment bit of veggies or apple than give it to them fresh instead of sacrificing the important point in dog food- meat!
Corn won't hurt dogs but when checking the ingredient on the back of a dog food rucksack, what ever is listed as the first ingredient is what the food consists of most.
What do you consider "top" brands? There are no "top" brand dog foods that I know of that contain corn, wheat or soy within any form.

What you consider as "top" in reality are nothing more than "supermarket" brand dog foods.
Corn gluten is a valuable source of protein, although not a meat protein. Its' also a popular 'sweetener' in dog and cat foods. Animals are attracted to 'sweetness' in their food.
Ground corn or cracked/whole corn is undigestible and rather hard on a dog's system.
Unfortunately, since corn has been used for decades contained by dog and cat food, its' also become a top allergen.

Top Brand foods are not sold in grocerie stores or department stores onl nurture stores or pet stores. They use corn because its a filler (and bloats) and they dont eat as much, so it makes it look like they dont move about through so much. I never use any dog foods with corn ...ever. they say balanced nutrition! lol yeah whether your a human! Profit basically and make it seem close to its good for your dogs, I mean hell, if its apt for humans (veggies, meats etc.) why not dogs right? NOT! Any good owner knows not to by dog foods near corn! It causes sever bloat and they cant digest it, and it can sometimes be fatal in confident breeds!
Of course they know! They don't aid if it can't be digested or not. All they care about is selling their product and making their money! They could effort less about anything else!
Dogs can digest the starch in corn. I'm confused. The corn isn't processed (roasted, cracked, etc.) so it's not as highly digestible as it could be. This is why you might see corn kernels surrounded by the stool, but there is breakdown and absorption of starch from corn.
I think if you examine the dog food you won't find any corn kernels surrounded by it. Dogs can't digest the kernels because of the skin, and they don't chew their food very much. The corn in dog food is ground up and afterwards the dog's digestive system can make good use of it. It's a perfectly virtuous, nutritious ingredient.
It's not like they just put corn kernel in the food.
your living in lala land. Manufacturers of big chain dog foods similar to purina dog chow and iams don't care about if the ingredients are angelic for them. They just figure well it lowest possible we are throwing in synthetic vitamins to "make up" for it. They want your money, nothing more nil less.

Thats why I won't feed my dog or cat anything besides the Natura brand. (my dog eats EVO supplemented next to organic raw egg and my cat eats innova supplemented beside raw meat). Innova has VERY strict quality standards. I would be horrified and extremely doubtful whether ANY of their products were recalled.
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