Why does my 8 month outmoded mannish Lab pup squat to urinate?

He rarely lifts his leg,unless it's against a tree.
Because he wants to. It's that simple. Male dogs will squat, some more that others. Some females will occasionally lift a leg, though not as high as a manly will. It's no big deal. Unlike humans, dogs are confidant enough to do what they like.
My parents have a male dog that doesn't lift his leg at adjectives, while the other lifted his leg every time he peed. The funny thing is, the one that squatted all the time be the more dominate dog and the one who lifted his leg was the submissive dog. I think that the one who squats couldn't physically elevate his leg (he is a really long dachshund with extra short legs, my mom calls him a low-rider dachshund) I guess respectively dog does what is more comfortable for them. I wouldn't worry about it.
My seven month old pup is the same, don't worry.

I reflect the explanation above is spot on.
I own a male who never lifts. Nothing medically wrong. I also have a mannish that always lifts. He will even continue to try and sap a new place even if he is 'empty'. My very dominate womanly will even lift her leg to mark when in a fresh place. There are a number of reasons your dog squats, but nothing to verbs about. Its no big deal, and its actually pretty adjectives.
most puppys squat male or feminine but he will start cocking his leg as he gets older
Maybe you get him neutered in time for him to not mark! That is great, surrounded by my opinion. Yes, it does change whether he wants to engrave. He wasn't old enough to go into "puberty" that would compel him to want to engrave so other males would know his territory. Good job!
Often, I've noticed that dogs of difficult pack status worry more about marking next to their pee (often seen by a dog hiking his leg). Even females will mark (the female typically cocks her leg to aim). Some breeds tend to sap more than others. Some dogs tend to begin the habit at a later age, even after a year ripened. This genetic tendency has nothing to do near the quality of your dog. As for people who have the conflicting issue, where the dog is very dedicated to mark, they have the real issues. As long as a vet has given the okay give or take a few your dog's urinary health, I wouldn't worry about this.
Peggy Swager
author of Training the Hard to Train Dog
Some male dogs never hoist their legs.
Answers:    having to progress pee and marking are different.

when he squats, it's because he just has to pee.
when he lift his leg on a tree, he's saying "i was here! smell me!"

he'll lift his leg more as he get older and his instinct to mark get stronger.
At 8 months he isn't fully mature yet - you say he does raise his leg sometimes eg against a tree, so he'll no doubt make more of a habit of it as he grows elder. Six months is very young to neuter a manly dog, and I do feel this may delay his maturation, but he's still very much a puppy and won't be properly grown up mentally for at most minuscule a year. maybe more - but he'll get there evn whether he's a 'late bloomer!'
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