Why does my dog any put a paw on me or lay so that portion of his body is touching me...similar to he'll lay on my ?

foot when I'm sitting or when I'm laying down too he'll put his paw on me.? on my hand or my arm or my leg last darkness he got mostly blanket but seeing as how I was on my side he put his paw kind of on my chest. He's neuter and he also does it to my son so I'm pretty sure its not a male dog thing-my son is 13 and wasn't a baby when we get the dog either.
Security, consolation, love... it is a good thing.
My mastiff does that to me, too. As I'm writing this, he's conked out next to me with his head within my lap. I like to think its because we're so close. He really is other in physical contact with me whenever he can be, and he's a very confident, strong dog, so I doubt it's an insecurity entry. I just try to enjoy every second of it. Which isn't too tough. :D
He loves you and probably basically want attention or something...its nothing to worry about.
he may sense something close to u have a lot of stress.
Dog's are community orient in nature they lay touching each other and lay within piles as pups.They carry this instinct to there human family's
it wants to hug you! :]
My dog does this too. I guess it is for comfort or high temperature. It shows that your dog really loves you and he feels comfortable with you.
he's in reality showing he has dominance over you.learned this on dog whisperer.when he puts his paw on you move it to show him your his leader.
My dog does that when she wants attention or wants to go out.
It's his way of showing he love you and requests you by his side.
My dogs do that too :-P. It's either his instrument of saying thank you or he wants attention. It's a good item :)
Answers:    He loves you. You're his security blankie. Mine does the same point.. enjoy it!
And Jack's right- dog's are pack animals, and sleep in "mounds" in the feral. You're his pack, so you're his mound buddy.
Well, some people will tell you that they are trying to cuddle and show affection, and while that may be the valise, there are other possibilities, especially if you are concerned in the region of his behavior.

I helped my friend train her wolf dog once, and I know that when many wolves, and dogs, wish to set up dominance, they will do so by laying a paw or part of the body on you. They want to show that you are "beneath" them and they rank complex. This could be potentially dangerous, as they will become confidant with their position as the "alpha" and if they misbehave and you right them, they will not listen, as they believe they have no need to.

Is he displaying any other dominant behaviors, such as guarding toys? If not, then he probably IS freshly trying to show some love! Dogs and wolves have a lot in adjectives, but sometimes, they can be a world apart :)

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask, I hope I help!
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