Why does my dog howl when I play my flute?

She's a six-month jack russell terrier
She is saying, "Encore!"
My half Shih Tzu partially Maltese does the same thing when I play my flute or violin or piano or harmonica or recorder or my sis's cello. He just howls his chief off and now I can only practice when I'm the one and only one home cus dad and sis and mom gets headaches...
music critic? possibly she is singing along with the music. Probably does hurt her ears.
my dogs does that too
it hurts the ears
dogs have very sensitive ears
and the high pitch of your flute hurts it
Either she hate it, or shes like my doxie when I play my clarinet- she "sings" along with me. =D
She wants to play music, too! Don't verbs, doggies howl when they here noises that mean certain things to them.
It hurts his or her ears, don't forget dogs hear things louder then humans do.
The sounds might only just be hurting her ears. Maybe put her in another room while you have to practice.
She's singing lol No, she probably doesn't like the sound. It might hurt her ears.
cause she wants to sing along.
Dog's audible range is better than ours. High pitched sounds hurt their ears.
It may hurt his ears, but it might be that he's singing next to you. My Jack Russell does the same thing. They just want to be doing anything you are doing.
Hurts her ears.
Answers:    It's because dogs all have extremely sensitive ears. Infact their ears are three times more sensitive than the average human beings.
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