Why does my dog lick my skin?

I have a small mix breed dog. She is my little shadow and is great! Except that she likes to lick my skin..hands, arms, elbows, facade anything. She does it a lot and it gets pretty annoying. It is almost impossible to procure her to stop till she wants to...Any ideas why she does this and/or ideas to create her stop?
my dog does matching exact thing and it makes me so angry. once i grabbed her tongue and she tried to verbs it back then finally got it and she didn't lick me for the rest of the morning! i know something that will work, get something she doesn't like or something like purell mitt sanitizer (it wont harm the dog) and put it on your hand and hold it out to her, eventually she won't be interested any longer and you don't have to hit her (:
She may be nervous. Nervousness can lead to excessive licking. Nervous about what?...could be anything, from anxiety over you departure the house to cats/squirrels outside.

My best friends dog does this too- but we found that Maggie licks her because she likes the aroma of her lotion LOL

I got a lot of info about it from Ceaser Milan, the dog whisperer. His network site has some good tools to work with.

she lick you because your skin is salty from sweat. Dont know how to make her stop though...
do you pet your dog adequate? dogs lick your hands, feet, legs,ect. when they want you to pet them. try petting more and she if she stops.
Answers:    My bluetick/beagle mutt does this. I don't get to go to bed before she give each foot a complete lick-down. Then I have to bring back a towel and dry my foot off--Talk about ANNOYYINGGG. She's a pretty good dog herself--And I don't know how to stop the licking. I've stopped the annoying beagle/hound barking *she used to nouns like she was treeing an animal--IN THE HOUSE* I just can't draw from her to stop lickin'.
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