Why does my dog lick the grass after pees on it?

i have a male dog n pees on every patch of grass, tree, and bush he can find, but latly when i walk him, i will mind that he will lick a piece of grass for a minuet and then pee on it, and does this every one in a while,

does anyone know why he does this?

Marking his terriorty
hes going around peeing cause hes marking his territory letting dogs know not to run there and he licks the grass liking the upper air to get the taste of the urine that got put near so he can pe on it to make it his terrtory
Answers:    male dogs chiefly are taken with the smell of a female's urine. Licking for better "smell information", testing in armour she was in season. I bet he sometimes "wuffles" his lips and/or chatters his teeth after doing so. Then mark his ID over the scent
because the grass have many pees
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