Why does my dog rub her butt on the ground?

My mom found her, and we're planning to take her to the vet soon. I'm not even sure what kind of breed she is or how weak she is.

Sometimes, not constantly though, my puppy rubs her butt against the grass or carpet after she poos. I'm worried that this is a sign that she is infested with worms.
She probably either does own worms or needs her anal glands expressed. Make sure you take a stool taster to the Vet with you when you take her.
yes sometimes they have worms or need anal ...my maltese puppies does the same article after he poos but when i take it to the vet and get fectal exam for him.. is negative .. i guess my pup want it to verbs. but u should take it to the vet and chek it out for the safe side,,
yup its probably got worms sort it out !
Sometimes it does mean it does have worms, look at the poop and see whether you see any worms. If you see rice looking things in fresh poop it's tape worms.
you need to bring her to the vet to pointless out her anal sac... i think it's normal...
Butt scooting usually scheme a dog has worms or needs her anal glands expressed. Since it sounds like she be a stray and hasn't been to a vet yet, I'd suspect worms.
there are 2 possibilities on what is wrong near her, she could have worms or she might need her anal glands taken care of, whether not done regularly the glands can rupture and cause problems and a hefty vet bill.
Answers:    Not a sign of worms. Your dog needs her anal glands expressed. Worms don't come out of a dog unless they are motionless or dieing (the worms not the dog). Tape worm egg packs or segments will come out, but they scoot to try to relieve the pressure in the anal glands. If ya'll found her she more than potential has worms though. Your vet will take care of adjectives of that.
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