Why does my dog dance crazy when me and my girlfriend enjoy sex?

she just follows us around and if we close the door she bangs on it beside her paws.

she never acts like this as a rule and is usually quite docile. do you know what could explain her behavior?
She is probably worried about you. She doesn't become conscious what you are doing and I'm sure the sounds you make don't put her at ease. I know it's sounds foolish, but dogs worry about us.

I wouldn't close the door on her. Talk to your gf and see if she is comfortable next to allowing the dog to go in/out of the room freely while you make love. It sounds a little wrong..I know. I've be there and done this and my dog eventually understood that nothing be wrong and simply left the room.
Animals are very sensitive to things humans can't see.
You, and your girl are have sex, out of holy matrimony. This, just in grip you didn't know, is a sin. Your dog is picking up the activity in the spiritual realm. As the two of you are have sex, your bodies are spiritually taking on demons. Your dog has more sense than the two of you.
Sexual promiscuity is dangerous to your health((1 Corinthians 3:16; 6:18; and Romans 1:27). The Bible warns that "he ( and, or she) who commits sexual decadence sins against his ( or her) own body," and will "receive in themselves" the penalty of their error. Much data immediately confirms that ANY sexual relationship outside if holy matrimony is unsafe. Why do you infer they call them "incurable "sexually transmitted diseases?? The devil's job is to "steal, kill, and destroy", for those of you that didn't know.
i think your dog don't want to be by her selt that y she bangs the door.
Yep. The sounds and smells of sexual activity are among the most exciting things for dogs. Their ability in these areas far exceeds ours, and so a closed door represents little barrier. But there is absolutely also an element of psychic understanding on your dog's part that you are devoting adjectives your attention so someone else and she feels jealous.
most dogs exploit like this to any sexual behavior. even kissing, or hugging will totally set my dog off.
dogs have a sense of what's going on, but nonetheless they are confused. they are part of the family, but yet they get hold of pushed away, and kicked out of the room when things like that happen, and they know that something is going on aft the door.

nature just makes dogs achievement that way.
their senses are very strong.
the dog could possibly be jealous. like my dog like to be around my gf so at first it would try to follow us. and then on the other hand when i do anything physical like wrestling beside friends, making love to my girl, or anything that makes noise my dog goes crazy. normally thinking someone might be getting hurt. but its bad when family knows you brought your gf over lol.
Your dog is probably really protective over you so he doesnt want to leave you with another being.
Hmm let me regard as

Your on top of her or whatever
Your making funny sounds
Your breathing rate is rising
Moans could be mistaken for someone getting hurt
She not dumb, she can sense your mood and shes probably confused at what is going on

Sorry but Hello! It's not like she really know what your doing!

Leave her outside the doorway until your done.

Dogs know that pre-merital sex is a sin. LOL! That's funny.
Ha. Brilliant. I think she feel left out. perhaps you could start by letting her watch? Later on when adjectives three of you are more comfortable, go ahead and let her join surrounded by. It can be hurtful to exclude close friends from all the fun you're having.
Wow, we have a dog that does the same thing...If she get into the room she will jump on my chest and lay there growling at my husband...HAha She is possessive of me. Sounds like your dog is near you as well.
She's just ticked off that she can't go "play" beside you guys!
Jealousy. Pure Jealousy!

You're just going to have to live with it.

Carry on my friend, get on!!
Answers:    Well... if you guys are making a great deal of noise, especially vocally, she probably think maybe you guys are hurting eachother. in a bad road. She might be over-protective and doesn't like being left external alone when she and alot of action/fun on the otherside of the door that she can't see if taking place.
Dogs have a much better sense of smell than humans. The pheromones you and your partner give bad during sex can almost certainly be smelled by your dog, consequently the result you note.
Hahhaa, funny answers.
- I own heard of that before, dogs have some of those wierd senses that we will NEVER understandd. She undoubtedly knows you two are interacting in a "different" way and she probably only just wants to check it out. Dogs get all pissy when you exclude them, she probably a short time ago wants to be with company !
she doesnt want you mating because youre her property.

Also... you might be doing it just a liittle too much there.
Move her to a seperate room or external if youre going to do... that
Your dog might be smelling some oders (nothining too strong for a human, but a dog can smell it) your dog may think its a another dog and desires to get at it. so it knocks on the door to get within.
Maybe your dog goes crazy because she imagines being contained by that position. That's what i think.sorry if it is not enough.
It probably thinks you're fighting, and wants to keep one of you.
Probably protection or resentment of the attention that you give your girlfriend. Dogs are funny...
Your dog wants within...
Maybe he doesnt want you to be alone beside your girlfriend.
Your dog is envious because you paying attention to each other and ignoring her.
She wants to inculcate you the "doggy style" position. aww what a cool dog.
Um dont consent to your dog in. She might bite you or go crazy. How about agree to the dog out in the yard to entretain herself then you and your girlfriend can keep amused yourselves!

Believe it or not dogs get just as jelous as human girls do! :)

because your dog thinks your being attacked
Dogs know that pre-merital sex is a sin.
~He requirements a girl dog, buy a female dog, same species, he wants to have sEx too!
Your dog desires some of the action, maybe.
depending on the breed, the dog is probably jealous. I have a schizo and whether i pick up one of my little sisters guinea pigs the dog goes wild and doesn't leave me alone. dogs can sense mental state, like fear. so it must be sensing your guy's affection.?
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