Why does my dog sneeze when she get excited?

When my dog (miniature poodle) gets excited, she starts to sneeze a lot. I don't know why, but she always have when we are playing or something. Does anyone know why? Or also have a dog that does?
My shihtzu does that too, he will growl at me when he requirements to go outside and then a couple of secs after that he does the sneeze thing. I always wondered why. Whats so funny is my other shihtzu will copy him, if he starts that sneezing item, she will try to sneeze too. Its a mystery i guess..
yup i have a sneezer to Emma is a husky and when she get excited she goes all out jumping adjectives over the place howling and sneezing i took her to my vet and he said not to worry about it it is just her bearing of getting my attention she will also do it if u tell her to sneeze i mean, so i wouldn't verbs about it if i were u it's only her thing to do hope this helps good luck
It's perfectly normal. Some dogs just capture over-exited. My Samoyed had the same issue, and she grew out of it. Maybe try to call a vet, Though it's not serious medical condition.
My lab does something similar to that, when I walk thru the door and I haven't seen him in awhile he'll lunge on me and show his teeth, which we call this smiling and he kinda sneezes at the same time too! I think its pretty commonplace and funny!
Answers:    I had a dog that did, and I assumed it was because her breathing guide was quicker and it ignited the sneeze because of the way it feel in her nasal passages.
My dog does that aswell :)
i duno why, probly because they wag their tale loads and it makes the air dusty Lol

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