Why does my dog throw up so much?

She always gets sick, we keep her tremendously healthy, I dont get it!
i suggest she needs to see a vet, maybe her food is to rich, try boiled chicken and rice x
Well, its is possible for dogs to get sick newly like humans, but if you see it happen for habitually then you think is normal... you still don't call for to talk to a vet unless your dog is throwing up blood. Your dog could have an easily upset stomach, so you could try other food. If your dog is within unclean living conditions this may happen as well. Keep an eye on your dog when they are external, avoid letting your dog eat grass... so many dogs do and it almost other makes them throw up.
usually because they are uncomfrtable. They also itch andscratch themselves and some even experience loss of hair. Iwouldthink that would be the solely reason if you keep them decent. Try giving them honey. I've got info from a vet, let them lick it off a plate.
Its easy for us to all to say "pilfer her to the vets" but i'm sure thats what your intention is anyway, and that you are simply asking on here first to see what the problem may be ?

A dog being sick can be several things but in my experience its been the diet, dogs can have especially sensitive tums, and you must research what you are feeding your dog. The cheaper foods are not to be fed to your dog, honestly. You need to buy the more expensive food, near less cereal and animal derivatives, and feed that to her rather than the "Bakers" and other commercial crap.

Good luck at the vet Gracie :-)
Answers:    uh you can't 'keep her massively healthy' if she is vomiting all the time. You need to pinch her to a vet and have her examined and assessed as to why she is vomiting often. You know, a vet, veterinarian - the medical professionals that can appropriately assess and treat and 'keep terrifically healthy' dogs because they, unlike you, have learned to do so :)

Does she do it right after she eats or after she comes in from outside?

My one dog have what they call megaesophagus and he brings up his almost immediately after drinking. My vet had me soften his food, feed him from an elevated bowl and nurture in multiple small sessions. Following those instructions has solved his vomiting issue.

Every once surrounded by awhile my other dog will vomit and it was baffling me. It turns out she was finding things in the woods and have "snacks". One of the oddest was acorns.she loves acorns...and the can be really dangerous for a dog.

Personally I would watch her when she is external to make sure she isn't getting into things you don't know about. But I would emphatically take her to your vet to make sure at hand isn't something else going on. It could be something as easy as changing food if she have food allergies or a sensitive stomach.

Good luck and I hope she feels better soon!
one word : VET!! :]
There are a great deal of reasons, why your dog is throwing up. The only way you will find out what the cause is, is to take your dog to the vet. It could be something simple or it could be something serious. We are not vets, and cannot diagnose your dog over the Internet!
If your dog gets sick and throws up repeatedly, I don't think you keep her very forceful :)
Well how everyone has be saying,Take her to a vet. Or. try to give her different foods,take her on walk, if she is a chubby dog that would really be good. Also that will give her nice fresh nouns.
Your dog may have a tenancy stomach. Go to your vet or phone them first and tell them your dog has been throwing up lately and she is contained by very good condition. Ask them if she might involve the sensitive stomach food or if she needs a check-up?
maybe your pup sees you face and throws up in disgust because you do not take him to the vet

I think if your dog is throwing up adjectives t he time. You need to take her to the vet. My mother has 5 dogs. SHe say that you need to take her to the vet their could be something wrong with her similar to she needs to be put on a special diet, especially if she is an elder dog. Or she could just be throwing up because she is eating grass all the time to bring in her do tht. When dogs or any animal feels sick to their stomach, grass is medicine to th em to make them trow up. Hope this help.
definitely take her to a vet.. not to sound repetitive or anything...
You know, that is a very good cross-examine to ask a vet, but I can guess if you want me to.
Take your dog to a vet!
It could that she as a illness that you don't know of
Because animals can hide their sickness for awhile
Because I had a beagle mix that absent when she was
4yrs old and that was this year.. So whether you have a local
vet, you should take it to the vet,and find out why the
dog is vomiting that would be your best thing to do
suitable luck!
shes bolimic
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