Why does my dogs howl to music?

Okay, my cousin and I like to play music together, (violin and piano).
We have two chihuahuas who howl at it.. or whine or something.
Im worried that it's hurting their ears; why are they doing that, and is there something wrong?

Dogs' ears are 4 times better than humans' ears. They can hear better than us, and it wouldn't be very nice whether the music is high pitched. Keep them away when you are playing the violin and piano. (Especially violin, which is very elevated pitched.)
to adjectives the poeple who say its too high pitched, that is tripe, dogs do hold much better hearing than us, they hear higher frequencies ( they can hear upto 65,000 Hz, humans can only hear 20,000Hz), so lett voice a violin isnt that high pitched, its not even reaching the 20,000 mark. Why would a dog be able to hear up to 65000HZ whether a sound at 10,000Hz is hurting its ear????! why should one that is reletively low pitched (to a dog) annoy them? it doesnt make sence! arghh sorry but that arguement annoys me so much lol

hes howling becasue it reminds him of individual in a pack, dogs' ancestors are wolves and they howl to reinforce the feeling of being surrounded by a pack, communicated and just because they darn well like it lol

whether you like him doing it theres no reason to stop him, unless the neighbours complain lol
they are singing, some people train their dogs to do this, don't know why.
Th music is to high pitched for their ears. There is nothing wrong with the dog itself. Try putting them within another room when you are playing or if they still howl because they can still hear the music then try to practice somewhere else. Best of luck!
Answers:    It is inborn. I wouldn't think it's too loud with those instruments since you probably don't use an amplifier.

In nature, a pack of wolves howl when merely one starts howling; it's just an instinct. For wolves, it warns other pack that it is there and it's to keep other packs contained by their own territory.

My mother used to howl and one of her (Shih Tzu's) would howl first with the other 2 joining in afterward.
There is nil wrong with your dogs. The music is just hurting their ears because they're sensitive. Try playing in a different room.
It is probably irritating to them i the pitch you are playing. Not sure it 'hurts' them, simply don't like the sound is all.
Sounds like they are bothered by the music. Or conceivably they reeeeeeally like it and want to sing along...LOL
my parents friends' dog do that adjectives the time. They think its singing. But its probably too loud for them,. I would try not to have them around when you play.
maybe they dont resembling the music you play

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