Why does my puppy...?

Why does my 9 week old lab hiccup so much?
She started hiccuping at age 7 weeks and I need to know if there's something wrong near her, Help.
dogs hiccup. no big deal
There is noting to worry nearly. It is very normal for young puppies to hiccup like mad. The hiccups usually are from when the puppy eats/drinks really fast. If the hiccuping starts to get bring annoying or is too constint then I would try feeding her my hand little by little so she does not guzzle so fast. That should take care of the hiccups. Also, drinking a great deal of water very slowly helps too.

I think your dog just get nervous or scared of something fast. Hiccup wont do anything desperate to you but when he keeps doing it for abother 2 months I think you should bring him to the vet to checkup.
Puppies hiccup alot. It's their diaphram expanding and growing. Mine did it many times a afternoon til he was a few months old, then it cut down to twice or so a light of day. He's over 1 yr old now and he only get them once a week or so. Perfectly normal.
Answers:    Puppies quite commonly get hiccups. When puppies eat and drink, they tend to ingest life-size quantities of air. Air, as it enters the esophagus and stomach, tend to trigger the hiccupping response. The authors have never seen an instance where hiccups be the result of any disease disorder. Consider hiccupping normal and common in dogs, and particularly in puppies less than eight months of age.

There is really nothing you can do for a puppy near hiccups, other than have him rest quietly until the hiccups are gone. If you find lasting circumstances such as extreme excitement seem to trigger the hiccups, you can try to avoid those types of situations.

I doubt anything is wrong with her. Dogs hiccup merely like humans.
lol i literally laugh out loud when i read your question. my lab pup hiccuped alot also, i took him to the vet, and he said it was an emergency blah blah..so they kept him overnight
the subsequent day they called and said all he needed be some water


does that answer your question?
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