Why is my chihuahua puppy is acting funny?

i have an 8 week old chihuahua puppy and in the finishing few hours she has become lethargic. i gave her some karo syrup because i know their blood sugar can capture low, but that didnt help. she is responsive but she wont get up or walk. nought is actually hurt on her though. we dont have a vet here that is unseal at night. i need some advice.
I don`t know he's a BEVERLY HILLS chihuahua
It does sound like low sugar. Keep giving the karo!! About every 10 minutes until she responds. Your own vet may come to the clinic at night. Sometimes I enjoy to call ours out at night. Hope she is okay. Let us know. Give her a little hose also with a dropper. I have found that seems to oblige some.
ok mix kyro and reg syrup and sugar mix it and make available it to her
As long as she is responsive I wouldn't worry yet.
When I first get my chihuahua, he barely wanted to play. He slept nearly all morning. And we would have to really mess with him to get him up to play.

If she still doesn't want to get hold of up tomorrow, take her to the vet and get her checked out.
Well let her sleep near you. If their is any bark or funny noise. Get up immediatley stay with her until she stops. If she spitsup thhen you need to achievement quickly. go to the nearest hospital wether people or animal and pinch her to the ER, it will help!
Try to call a 24-hour vet around you if you are really worried for her. If they relay you to come in right away then I would conspicuously do it, if not then wait next to your dog and maybe let her sleep with you until a vet around you open in the morning.
try giving her a hip bath...kinda cold but not too cold
if that dosent help then double check the phonebook for a 24 hour vet
normally theres one in every town
good luck
my chihuahua sleeps alot and she is hipper during the day
maybe because i maintain her active and play with her when i have the indiscriminate.
try keeping her active like running around in the front or rear.
or maybe shes just sleepy like my chihuahua other is
I would keep her thaw and make sure she is drinking water. If she is panting deeply that would show distress. Puppies can have periods of lethargy... a short time ago keep an eye on her. If there is any discharge from the eyes or loose stools or loss of appetite then you should verbs. I sure she will be fine.
Give more Karo syrup. It is most plausible a sugar drop, Get the puppy on a heating pad also the temperature will also drop when the sugar does.
Answers:    There should be an Emergency vet in the neighbourhood somewhere. You can always try calling your vet's number, they should have a recording that tell what to do in an emergency, if they do give an emergency vet number or a passageway to get a hold of the vet itself then give them a beckon and describe your pups symptoms, maybe they can even help over the phone. Make sure your pup is drinking so she doesn't receive dehydrated. A puppy really shouldn't be lethargic, that's not normal. Please try and procure a hold of a vet. Good Luck.
parvo. mother could of had it. definetly parvo
u just got her, maybe u are one paranoid? i dont know the extent of the lethargy but if shes just tired, she is tired. puppies cant be running around ALL THE TIME, they bring back tired just like me and you and want to be left alone to forty winks. if she stays lethargic and NEVER gets up for days afterwards u may have a problem.
she is proabably weak get her on a warm bed and stay beside her at all times to make sure she is ok
call a 24 hr vet in your area immediately- you can consent to them know your dogs symptoms and they will give you an honest anwser to what is possibly up and if it is worth bringing your pup in
maybe shes just tired. puppies and kittens sleep a lot.
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