Why is my dog vomiting white foam?

My 4 1/2 month old pit bull has in the ultimate 4-5 hrs been vomiting white foam. He has lost his appetite and is lethargic.He however is interested and ingestion icecubes. Can someone help me?
Check that you have no cleaning product out or anything that could harm your dogs stomach. and TAKE HIM TO THE VETS!
My dog throws up white foam quite regularly, and nearby isn't a thing wrong with him, but the fact that your pup have lost his appetite and is lethargic, would encourage me to call a vet. Check his heart throb and see is it fast, puppies up to the age of a year are between 120-160 beats per minute, see if his pulse is questionable, if he is crouching down in a funny or unusual position, unhealthy breathing or panting, or drinking a lot of water it could be canine bloat, which requires urgent veterinary attention. Keep a close eye on him. I'd bring him to the vet if he be my pup.
When my dog be vomiting a white foam...his stomach was flipped.
Your dog is young for that, but a perfect age for parvo. Please bring back him to a vet. Good luck.
That is a flag for kennel cough do not let your dog around any other dogs or cats yes cats can get it also. Talk to your vet just about treatment usually they just let them acquire over it like a cold in humans, unless it is very impossible.
Answers:    is he having seizures whether so he will have white foam come out of his mouth while having one. this can be cure by two thing corn syrup beneath the tongue I would also just sit a bowl of corn syrup beside him and let him eat it as he will. moment colloidal silver helps it can actually kill the parvo virus which is my moment guess. you can get him checked but I'm going to be honest if he has parvo it is thoroughly expensive to cure at the vet and some wont even do this they will just have him put down depends on where you live. I would honestly grasp the colloidal silver and give him some right away go to a strength store of some sort they should carry it. give he two dropper full at first then 1 dropper full every hour to two hours for the first sunshine. then on the second day 1 dropper full every 3 hours 4 daylight dropper full 4 or 5 times firth and sixth day same. it also could be he has gotten into some poisen. If you have a vet you trust transport him in. but if they say that it is parvo and they will hold to put him down it wont hurt to try my suggestion I have used it and have had a 100% sucsess rate beside it. all 5 puppies were diognosed and were going to be put down as explicitly how they deal with parvo in my nouns. only 1 of the five was mine and the 5 of them spaned over a course of 8 years so they were not adjectives at once. I just had 4 people bring their puppies to me as they have heard what I did with my puppy and did not want to have thiers put down. craft sure he drinks he must stay hydrated. if you are really worried get him surrounded by but be prepared for the worst if it turns out to be parvo I'm not trying to scare you just one honest. I'm not promising anything on a cure and I'm not saying this is what it is but this is just two things it could be.
Your vet could help you. No one can diagnose your dog based on that. If he is throwing up, not eating and slothful, he needs to see the vet. Young puppies dehydrate and die very quickly.
It sounds like Parvo or a serious case of worms. I lost a puppy to Parvo, and unless you get him to the vet soon, the outcome will be release.
Poison is first to come to mind and Parvo ( I lost my young Dobie to this) is 2nd. Both are usually cruel without Vet intervention ASAP! Get your dog to the vet IMMEDIATELY!
Get him to the vet! Now!
Get him to the vet as soon as possible. He may enjoy been poisoned for all you know!
If you've been trying to get him to eat and he's not he may own gotten into something.

Call your emergency clinic so you can speak to someone about his symptoms. They will tell you to bring him in or tender you more instructions.

Good job keeping him hydrated but, now is time for the vet phone call...now!
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