Why is My Female Dog Humping Everything?

Once or twice a month she just goes nuts and stacks up pillows and has her means of access with them. She's a yellow lab. Other than that she's very sweet and well-behaved.

And yes she have been spayed! Any help would be appreciated.
Answers:    Was going to bed but couldn't pass this one up.
Don't be alarmed whether your spayed female or neutered male continues
to hump. It is merely a sigh of affection, she must truely love her
pillows. Just be indebted it's the pillows and not you. Frankly, I'd get it
on video and put it on youtube, let the rest of us enjoy the wacky
behavior too.
Don't verbs it's not a symptom of repressed sexual anxiety or any
thing else sexual. I have had goldens for the ultimate 30 years and the
previous one was not neutered. The present mannish is neutered and
they were both humpers. As a matter of certainty they were more likely to
hump members of their own sex, than that of the contrary sex, but
not always. Presently my golden has the hots for the male dobie
across the street (also neutered) as all right as the spayed golden lab
around the corner. Both of the males have a humping good time
when they're together. We tell them to stop but they love respectively
other and it' obvious. They only get surrounded by a few good humps before we
tell them to knock it past its sell-by date and just go play. The female lab isn't any
better than the males as she tries to hump my dog more than he
does her. So not to verbs, she just loves whatever she's humping
and it's her way of showing affection. Maybe she desires a friend,
have you ever thought of adopting a playmate for her? They love
company especially of their own species. Dogs aren't that much
different than us, they love have other dog friends as much as we
like having our friends. Hope to see her on youtube.
This could mainly be a dominance issue and should not be an prompted behavior. This behavior could escalate to even humping her owners. Usually dominance is triggered because someone in the family, or all, are showing inadequacy to the dog, thus allowing her to take on the position as the leader of the family. Reprimanding her for doing this behavior is a start; for example. a simple strong and firm "NO". Another entity to do is take her for long walks to exhaust all of her pent up dominance vim.During these walks, enforce that your the leader by not allowing her to be distracted or ahead of you while walking or running. Your the leader, so you head the way and she follows. Good luck.
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