Why is the Treeing Mountain Feist Not AKC certified?

We have a small dog that is little known of! Its call a Treeing Mountain Feist! They are NKC and UKC but not AKC. This seems weird to me and my husband because we have the education that this breed was actually around before their relative the Rat Terrier. The breed be actually owned by several past presidents one of them being Lincoln! They are markedly intelligent and dependable small dogs! We did a search to see why they are not AKC and nothing came up. This puzzled us because we thought in attendance would at least be an explanation by AKC as to why they are not recognized! Anyone who knows this breed and as to why they are not AKC please consent to us know? Also my husband and I feel they should be AKC since they are a very reliable breed and are categorically different then the rat terrier! Here is a sight that shows what they look like! Thanks much!




Kip is correct. It's up to the breed club to petition the AKC for taking on if they so choose. For example, the border collie club avoided AKC acceptance for a long time before finally petitioning for agreement. If you are concerned about it, you should contact the national breed club and discuss it with them.
To get a breed AKC conventional there has to be several requirements. There has to be a faultless minimum number of that breed in America, spread across a certain number of states. There has to be a national breed club for them which desires them to be recognized (not all breeders want their dog AKC recognized) and they have to own a written standard for the breed. If not all of these are met, the AKC will not consider recognizing them.
No offense, but it looks similar to a mutt. Like, someone went in and just bred them for the fun of it. I don't know anything in the order of the breed, so I won't judge (sorry if it sounded like I was). It's probably too current a breed to be recognized.
The Treeing Mountain Feist...excellant hunting/squirrel dogs. They are a pretty old American breed or fairly "type".

I would think that the Parent club, if there is one, would not want to AKC predictable in fear that the breed will be ruined. It's going on now beside the Boykin Spaniel. The fear is that the breed will become more of a "show dog" and the hunt will be bred out of them. So they'll be pretty but won't be able to hunt worth a dang.
It's up to the parent breed club to seek inclusion surrounded by any kennel club, not the kennel club to seek out breeds.

There are an estimated 400+ true dog breeds in the world. The AKC recognizes a moment ago over 125 of them.

Add: people, the feist IS an American breed. It is an old breed, and is well established. The prime reason is probably because, as a working breed, the parent club doesn't want to seek AKC status.
A lot of the time, breed clubs do not want their breeds recognized by AKC, fear that they will become manipulated and harmed through backyard breeding and puppy mills. They want as much control as they can have (which isn't a bad thing).
Answers:    AKC doesn't a moment ago search the globe and add every breed contained by the world to their registry. It's a process. First, a reliable breed club/fancier club must apply for acceptance. Then they have to write a standard, start a stud book, and say records and pedigrees of the breeding program and breed standards for many, many generation. Eventually, the breed will be accepted into the miscellaneous class, and eventually be assigned into one of the 7 groups. It can take a awfully long time, plenty of old breeds are not recognized yet by the AKC simply because the crack has not been made, or there is not a solid breed standard but, or whatever else. Being "cute", "reliable", or anything else doesn't qualify them to be AKC. Find out if there is a breed club for them and contact the breed club, probably they can tell you what the status is on their request for AKC recognition. If none exists- start one!
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