Will my dog forget me when i turn on holiday?

My seven month old puppy I am leaving on holiday for three weeks. He will be well taken precision of. will he be mad or upset or forget about me or not trust me anymore? I haven't been absent from him not one night since we met when he was like 7 weeks frail.
Your puppy won't forget you, Usually when I come back domestic after a few weeks my puppy goes crazy with joy. The best point about dogs is they never get angry or upset and are always delighted.
I'm thinking he'll be fine. Its tougher on them when your gone for as long as you've set them.

I would suggest leaving some of his favorite toys, and maybe an article of clothing (preferably yours). Your scent on these things will variety it easier so he can cope until you come back.

Don't worry too much. I have be away from my home and pets for as long as 3 months. They adjusted, and when I come back, it may have taken them as little as a minute to a few hours, but they went straight hindmost to loving me. :D
He'll never forget you. Your his owner and remember that.
I know this sounds crazy, but whenever we've had to set out the dogs for any length of time, we actually explain things to them. We tell them it's just going to be for for a time while and that we'll be back for them soon. The one time I didn't do that, I swear they were mad at us for 3 days. I truly believe they make out.

We leave an old shirt or blanket that has our scent on it, plus one of their toys from domestic that they love.

When we come home, they just about knock us over beside their tails! Then, they come home and sleep for almost 24 hours. They have a "vacation" too, and most likely didn't get much sleep from being around other dogs next to different scents and all that barking!! Then after that, it's rear at their same exact routine, as if we were never apart - with the individual exception being that they stay a little bit closer to us for about a week after our return.

We are disappearing them next week for a week at a new kennel that gives lots of love and treats!! Have fun on your holiday, and don't verbs - he'll be fine. Give him extra love when you get home!
He couldn't forget you if he tried. He couldn't be mad at you if he tried. In my experience its other our cats that turn their backs to us after we get back from time off. Not the dogs though. The only thing they can think in the region of is how happy they are that you are back. Probably wondering why we left. I'm certain they keep thinking it was cuz of that juicy piece of chicken on the counter top that they couldn't resist. Just kid. Anyways, its going to be hard to leave him for leave three weeks, but in that is no need to worry that he'll forget you.
Most dogs live surrounded by the moment so your dog will be living the life he knows the whole time, although he remembers you, dogs consider in the moment.

You will be more stressed about it than he will.

nope nope nope.

when i be younger i learned that a dog can sniff you, and can be seperated from you, and can see you again like 10 years later, and still remember your scent. it's true. a dog's scent is INSANE!

he may be a touch miffed that you left, but a good walk, some play time, and some treats, and he'll forget that you ever not here :P

but he definitely won't forget you. no worries and enjoy your vacation! :)
He will not be angry at you. Dogs are very forgiving! He will realize that his food giver is gone, and he will be very relaxed when you come back!
Answers:    He might be a little sad for a few days, but they usually are backbone to being themselves pretty quickly. I used to have a Yorkie that be really attached to my mom, so when she would go on vacation he would just lay on her bed for 1 or 2 days, solitary getting up to eat, drink, or go to the bathroom. He wouldn't want to play or anything, but after a few days he would be himself again, following me around and playing like usual.

Your dog noticeably won't forget you and he love you just as much, he won't be mad and he will still trust you the same. You could be gone for a few years and they still won't forget you. I call round my aunt maybe once every 2 years (she lives far away) and she has a dog that always bark at strangers when they are in the house, but he never does this to me, he jumps all over and is so thankful because he remembers me.

Don't worry so much, this will be harder for you than it is for him. And when you return you can look forward to all the excitement and puppy kisses he will give you!
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