Will my dogs be alright if i give them away separately?

i have had my dogs for 6 years, and we recently found out we have to find a new home for them.
This is brekaing my heart..
but i have to..
OK so the question is..
no one wants to take in two dogs at the same time,, and they are big dogs..
along with the new feelings of a new place w ppl they dont know,, will being away from each other make them depressed??
how quickly will they forget the other?

When my sister's GSD died, her Golden Retriever went into deep mourning and had to be spoon fed so she didn't starve. They had been together for about 6 years. It will be hard on them. Make sure whoever takes them understands this.
no, this is a VERY bad idea. We were in the same situation, and we found out that the separation from the owner puts bad enough stress on them. They will suffer from separation anxiety, and just separating them from each other will just make it 10X worse.
Put up signs, call the ASPCA or a shelter and ask if any families are willing to adopt 2 big loving dogs

im sorry to hear you must give away your dogs
:( ♥
oh wow that must be so hard.. puppies are like babies..
but i do think is a good idea to separate them. as long as they have been together it cant be healthy if you absolutely have to separate them then try to find homes with big years and maybe other dogs too.. good luck!
Oh that is really sad...I am sorry you have to give them away and I am not sure how they will adjust to being apart. I do know when there are two dogs in a home and one dies that the other dog does react. I am not sure of your two dogs personalities but they might just be fine. I hope that you will be able to place them together. Advertise that ideally you want to place them together. Maybe a farm will take them. Good Luck
Answers:    It depends on their nature.
If one is dependent on others, or does not like to be alone, she or he may get depressed, but maybe they will adapt well to their new family especially if treated with lots of care and attention.
Do your best in finding them a home where they will be together, but if it is very urgent then you will have to settle for what comes.
For 6 years?
That'd be very harsh doing that, and they would definitely notice it.
They'll be very depressed, why do you have to give the dogs away separately all of a sudden?
You should of given them away... um... 6 years ago xDD You know, before they got to know you and their sibling and all?
If they can't go to the same home, make sure they go to a home with another big dog. With a big yard, too.
no they will become depressed and not do anything or eat or stuff like that! soon it will die! im sorry that's how life is :(

Well it depends on how long you have had both of them together, like you said you have had both for 6 years. They probley will feel depressed until they get used to their new surrondings. Once you give them away you might want to give the new owners their favorite toy or a picture of the other dog.
Dogs have good memory, and they can hold grudges.
But I've never known a dog to be depressed.
My dog gets angry, and chews up anything that belongs to the person she's angry with ><

I think your dogs will be fine, as long as the go to good, loving families
dogs dont forget! please do not separate them! they are already going to feel anxiety from being with strangers and not the people theyve known their whole lives and being in a new environment will probably confuse and scare them ... the whole situation will at least be much easier for them if they are together. i know its tough but please try to hold out ... there will be SOMEONE who is willing and able to receive both of your dogs. it is what's best for them.

it is very sad to have to give away dogs. they are like part of your family, but we all know and understand that things sometimes come up and you have to do what you have to do. =/ just try to keep them together.

the best of luck!
the will NEVER forget the other one.
and it will probably make them VERY depressed.
you DEFINITELY need to find someone who will take them both.
they might be depressed and depression can kill a dog because of the lost of interest without the owner being there

There are people who would take both of them. If you care that much, then find some who will.
I am not sure how they will react from being separated from each other and you at the same time, but I would do my ultimate best to try and find a home that will take in both dogs together. Good luck! =]
It will stress them out at first.
but if you give them away to good homes, they should be fine after the transition

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