Yorkshire terrier…Pitbull….Help??? Yorkie owners too?

I have a problem…about 5 days ago my dad bought a new puppy (a Pitbull) and I was module happy and part said because I’ve been planning on buying a Yorkshire Terrier for summer break. But very soon that this new pitbull is going to grow HUGE my dad said that the puppy will soon become very big and he said he might EAT the yorkie…

One of my dad’s friends if helping me convince my dad because he know how much I REALLY want one.
Do any of you have tips on how I should handle this? And also if you own a Yorkshire Terrier, how is it approaching? I heard they are very smart and cute :D

honestly yeah yorkies are cute or what not but i heard sometimes they are for a while more dominent because people thend to spoil them because of their minature size , as far as companionship any dog is good for that but if you want a dog for protection purposes off the bat a pitbull is right - i personally own a 4month old pitbull and im within love with her as well as you i wanted a yorkie reallllllllllllly bleak but now that ive got my pitt im so attached to her , pitbulls are great loving dogs , people in recent times give them a bad reputation because a lot of society out there who own them train them to be aggressive and own them for all the wrong reasons . it shouldnt concern the size of a dog i mean yeah smaller dogs might be easier to care for but at the end of the afternoon it's all about the bond and relationship you hold with the dog . i right to be heard you give your fathers pitbull a chance and see how things turn out , im certain if you proceed with everything properly you'll fall surrounded by love with it too . i know i absolutley love and adore my pitbull - shes still a baby but i still spoil her and can still treat her as if she be a yorkie (kinda) lol . i buy her clothes and cute little pink leashes toys and diamond collars . i mean hey just give it a shot and whether u feel like you totally hateeeeee the pitbull then try convincing your dad to take a yorkie but honestly pitbulls are real loyal and loving dogs
Just because the dog is big...
That resources it is going to attack and eat the Yorkie?
Don't you plan on getting the dog trained?

Pit Bulls are one of the smartest and obedient dogs there are. They want to please please please... whether you train the dog, of course it's not going to eat the Yorkie! Do you walk down the street whenever one dog see another dog it instinctively wants to kill and eat?

Training and upbringing, breed have no place here.
Answers:    Small dogs live with big dogs adjectives over the world.

The main thing you need to do, for BOTH dogs, is to start training them NOW (well, start training the yorkie when you receive he or she). Buy or go to the library and check out some books on dog training, specifically the ones that tell you how to start conditioning your dog from day one. A really honourable one that I like is called Leader of the Pack by Nancy Baer, Steve Duno. It has lots of stuff within it that you can do to improve your relationship with your dogs in a non-aggressive road. It helped me a lot with my dogs.

One item you need to promise to yourself and to your yorkie is that you will not spoil him/her more than the pitbull just because he/she is small. This means that any behavior explicitly not acceptable from the big dog is also not acceptable from the small dog. Big dog not allowed on the sofa or bed? Then neither is the little dog. Big dog not allowed to use his mouth to play? Then neither is the little dog. You see what I mean?

If you do spoil the little one more than the pit, afterwards he/she will begin to feel as if he/she is surrounded by charge, which can put him in danger of being hurt by not just your pit, but also other dogs. Plus it will make him a nasty little dog, which nobody likes.

I consider that any dogs can live together with the right leadership. You and everyone in your own flesh and blood needs to be committed to both of them 100% in order to trade name it work. I have had my little toy poodle at the dog park playing wonderfully with the most docile dog there, a big ole' pit bull named Buddha.

Good luck and congrats on your new baby(ies)!
I have a Yorkie and a Cocker Spaniel. My neighbor has two yorkies and a huge sharpei. My neighborhood is full of dogs! ... adjectives of whom my dogs play with. Yorkie's are smart dogs, Like any other dog, they need a lot of attention.

but, I don't verbs my dog ever being EATEN by another dog!
please do'nt get a Yorkie because they're cute,they are very smart and also very illustrious strung and yap a lot.they need a yard to run within and daily walks.they're not just knees dogs,they crave lots of stimulation and attention and need to be trained at an early age or else you'll failure up with a high strung yapper.I'm not knocking them,I own 2 and love the breed but I did my research first and knew what to expect.
Hahahaha Yorkies are anything but very smart and cute.

My friend owns one and omg what a nightmare. Those dogs are so unproblematic to spoil because of their cuteness, and by doing this, you are getting them to be little monsters! That dog poops and pees everywhere, eats things up, runs around the house all crazy-like, and other bad behaviors.

Yorkies are also a more dominant breed. Big attitude. They meditate they're the biggest thing in the house. So a pitbull and yorkie may not mix too well. Pits are recurrently times peace-makers, but once something challenges them as severly as yorkies can, they will make sure that dog know who's boss if they are a more dominant dog. If your pit is submissive, this could work out in the end.

It really could shift either way.
yorkies are annoying but train your dog...
i have 3 pits and one is very tiny
they dont hurt it, and they a largely good with other dogs
minus the food bowl, i dont have to verbs about them fighting anyone elses dog
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