Betta fish jar ok? please read adjectives?

okay, so i found i jar i like at sams club, its a pretzal canning jar, but when we finish the pretzals will it be ok to put my betta in it after i wash it really good or will the salt kill him or can it attain him ill? thanx 10 points fast.
People come here for advice and if you don't want to adopt it then don't come back and ask for more. If a lot of up to date people are saying you need an aquarium, after you should take them seriously.
And here's a "small puddle" that a wild betta would live in.
I know, it's sometimes really annoying when you're asking a examine and they answer something else by telling you to get a tank and etc.


1. Clean/rinse the jar out at lowest 5 times. Fill it with water and let it sit overnight. Then rinse throughly again. NO SOAP!

2. Don't forget to slowly introduce the fish into the jar and use some bowl conditioner (to procure rid of chlorine in the tap water)

3. Use a breathable cover for the jar or poke holes into the lid so that the fish won't suffocate. Keep him in a WARM room.

4. CHANGE WATER 25% on a daily basis. Have fun! =)
What Fishman said ^
Well bettas can live in small containers but the request for information is, do you really think he is happy? Everyone here is saying to catch a tank (at least 2.5 g) because this is what will make a betta blissful. Isn't a betta's happiness important to you at all? How would you discern if you were living in a small closet. I show u can survive in a closet but you wouldnt be happy right? Same concepts go next to bettas. Welcome to reality <_<
If you wash it out really well (with plain water, no soap), nearby should be no salt in it. Salt dissolves very promptly in water.
Only use jar for fish if you're keeping pickled herrings.

Please just buy at least a cheap plastic 5-gallon reservoir, you'll see a much happier and livelier betta.
would you like to live in a cabinet ? nope didnt think so
so the fish wont approaching to live in a jar just get him a 2 gallon cistern its like 10 bucks at pet land

he will like it contained by there
also the plastic from the pertzal jar is cheep so it will get ruined and make the fish sick

simply get the little guy a fish tank
make certain its reallllly clean
and jars arent all the honest for fish
change it often
and stir it to mix oxygen in the marine.
Bettas do just fine in a small space. They are found living in tiny puddles within the wild. I'd just wash it out legitimate good, make sure and scrub the sides particularly. I have one of my males in a giant margarita glass. It's delicate.

I work at Petco, and we sell bettas to people who don't want to get a cistern. They do perfectly ok as long as you do water changes frequently.

jars are not for fish

get a heated filter 2.5+ gallon aquarium
Answers:    Okay honestly, I have to agree next to you here. I know that everyone says that small, unfiltered, unheated containers are bad, but all of my bettas are without fault healthy.

I come on here and answer tons of questions from people who are have all kinds of trouble with their bettas. I haven't have a single problem. I clean my bettas every four days, and keep them all on the upper floor of my house which is other warm. I do believe that a betta should have at least a partly gallon of water.

~As long as you rinse the container out I don't see why you couldn't use it- so long as you keep it clean.
Don't use a Jar, get an aquarium
jars shouldn't really be used. You need a tank near a heater, because bettas do better in warmer river. They are more active.
Though you don't want to hear it, a tank is the best idea, unless you plan to put a filter within the jar. Thing is, a jar or bowl does not stay clean. The betta poops, and pees and because there's not filter, it stays in your water. Dumping adjectives the water out and refilling the jar isn't good for the fish any, because you dump out all the bacteria that was helping break down the ammonia surrounded by his feces to begin with. A tank next to a filter will take care of all of the for you, so you enjoy to clean it less often, near less stress on your Betta. They also have temperature requirements, so a space heater is a must unless you always keep your house at 78 degrees (winter included). A stove will regulate his water temperature. Betta fish should live 5 or 6 years, so it sounds like you haven't be keeping them correctly. A jarred betta will only life 2 or 3, if that long. A lively, healthy betta is one that has bright colors (not colorful, but brightness of the colors.) and one that swims around. Dark, mopey bettas are unhealthy ones that want a bigger domestic. For us, it's like a Harry Potter style cupboard under the stairs versus a huge bedroom.

At the very tiniest, if you do not heed our warnings and put him in something next to filtration and a heater, don't use a food jar. No matter how well you verbs it out, traces of the food might still be left or you can make it more toxic with dish soaps or bleach when cleaning it, and probability are it is the cheap plastic used for packaging that can be broken very easily. Use a bowl or betta container designed for bettas.

ADD: opposite to popular belief, bettas DO NOT live natually in puddles, unless of course someone has drained their river. They come from lake and rivers in Tailand and Cambodia and other places in that region, and are closely related to Gouramis. The myth came as a reasoning for pet stores to put on the market bettas from those small cups.
Yes, you can use the jar to keep hold of a betta as long as you wash it well and give i a devout rinsing after.
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